A So-Called Good Man

As the saying goes, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

This claim is routinely credited to the 18th century Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke, often as an item of motivation towards political reform. For this purpose it is admirably effective. It is also wrong.
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Vigilante Justice Rebranded

There is a growing trend among those who self identify as the tribe of the rational to adopt the slogans of a modern new-speak. This is an Orwellian language, intersecting unrelated terms, and fabricating dictionaries of subtracted meaning.

Among these new rational tribesmen and tribeswomen, or group-thinking lemmings, one banner they’ve adopted is the impossible-to-object-to string of syllables called social justice.

But I do object.
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Vigilante Killing Saves Canadian Economy

Canadian lawyer Elizabeth Sheehy lives in a country that does not employ capital punishment but, after twenty-five years of diligent work, she has found a way to get around that inconvenience with a legal backdoor. A carefully stylized form of lethal vigilante justice. Sheehy has written a book explaining to Canadian women, and their lawyers, how they can use case law and performance art to legally execute men, and simultaneously save Canadian taxpayers the expense of a costly trial.
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Canada: a First World Cuntry

January 18th is an important day for Canada. It’s a day that should be flagged in history and remembered annually as a moment that marks a monumental change in the direction of society. It is now the Canadian National Disposable Male Day and Canada is paving the way for a brave new world in which men are, officially, insignificant in the eyes of the law.
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Elizabeth Sheehy Can’t Even Justify Herself

When responses started flooding in to the Ottawa Citizen article about a new book by law professor, Elizabeth Sheehy, the professor had a choice; face the criticism bluntly or weasel out of her responsibility. Sheehy is a feminist so she chose the latter option.
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Professor of Law seeks legalized murder

Elizabeth Sheehy is a respected law professor working at the University of Ottawa, and on 15 December, UBC press will publish her recent book, Defending Battered Women on Trial.

The thesis of the book, stated explicitly in the final chapter, is that murder should be legitimized for women who kill their spouses or partners.

Yes, you read that correctly.
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A Message from The COCK Fairy

Welcome to Community Organized Compassion and Kindness (COCK)

Erected in Vancouver BC in February of 2014, COCK is here to take a hard stance on personal accountability.

Unlike The Women’s Activism Tyranny (TWAT), Community Organized Compassion and Kindness is not a gynocentric organization inserting female focused advantages in every crack. COCK is for everybody.
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