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Vigilante Justice Rebranded

There is a growing trend among those who self identify as the tribe of the rational to adopt the slogans of a modern new-speak. This is an Orwellian language, intersecting unrelated terms, and fabricating dictionaries of subtracted meaning.

Among these new rational tribesmen and tribeswomen, or group-thinking lemmings, one banner they’ve adopted is the impossible-to-object-to string of syllables called social justice.

But I do object.

I object because, while I know what the word justice means, I also know what the word social means. When you glue the two together, whether the result conveys meaning or hides intention is unclear. Where normal applications of justice convey a clear, understandable set of rules which the public can adhere to, social justice expectations change so fast that even its adherents can’t keep up.

So, when this phrase began popping up among the positional pronouncements of the self avowedly rational, I did a bit of reading.

I found the most detailed description in an analysis of a doctrine of perpetual revolution – perpetual conflict, the never-to-be-completed rolling away of human rights. The tool in such a project being deployment of terminology which cannot fail to command assent.

Social justice is a prime example of such terminology – that which cannot fail to command assent.

Justice, the word and the concept being easy to define, is the moral principle determining just conduct, or the administering of deserved punishment or reward.

When this concept is represented by symbol, it is a figure bearing the scales of balance – and wearing a blindfold. Justice as we understand it, is impartial, and makes no measure of station.

The blindfold matters.

But what is social justice? That’s justice in which social station is considered. We take the blindfold off.

To understand this by example – we can consider the relatively recent innovation innocuously named the “Progressive Stack”.

This is a policy of priority in the line of speakers waiting for their turn at the microphone at public gatherings. Access is determined by who can claim the greatest oppressed minority points. In other words, if you’re able bodied, heterosexual, white, and male, you’re privileged.

Privilege sends you to the back of the line. In practice, the privileged do not get to speak because, by the consensus of the self professed oppressed, the privilege of the not-oppressed is to shut up and to like it.

This is justice with the blindfold removed. The scale-bearing figure glaring down with eyes wide open. This is the justice of the official witch-finder leaning heavily on the balance beam.  It’s what is now popularly called social justice, but it is not a new phenomenon. This new justice is simply a shiny new term inherited from the animal farm. We used to call this injustice.

Social justice is the Orwellian term used to command assent. It is rhetorical hocus-pocus, behind which the abrogation of human rights is pursued.

Social justice is the lynch mob. It is the emotion driven abandonment of integrity in pursuit of retribution.  A Lord of the Flies society elevated to the fraudulent esteem of wisdom and philosophical principal. And those who fly its flag should feel their faces burning with earned shame.

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