Honey, I love you. Let’s get divorced.

I am often asked what led me, a woman, to become a men’s human rights activist (MHRA/MRA). The question doesn’t particularly make sense to me. The answer to the question is that I am a rational, logical person. But aside from that, who I am doesn’t matter. My gender is irrelevant.

The mainstream, feminist culture has a current perception of the men’s human rights movement (MHRM) as some sort of cult that fills vulnerable minds with an “angry white male” world view. Nothing could be further from the truth. I didn’t become an MRA, I was an MRA before I even knew about the movement. It’s the natural result of being a rational human being.
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Frying Elizabeth Sheehy’s Battered Wives

Battered Wife Syndrome – or BWS is real. Which is to say, it exists. In Canada.

However, Battered Wife Syndrome is a thing distinct from being a category of post traumatic stress disorder. The name cleverly includes the word Syndrome. But Battered Wife Syndrome is not a psychological condition. Battered Wife Syndrome isn’t even a condition which affects wives, or women, whether they’re battered or abused or not.

Battered Wife Syndrome is simply a legal defence for the killing, by a woman, of a man. (in the Canadian court system) It is justification for the killing of another human being. It is also a fraud, a hoax, and undiluted weapons grade, unequivocal nonsensical drivel.
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Logic: another form of female oppression

In July, 2013, The Oxford Journal of Legal Studies published an article called Myths about rape myths by Helen Reece, Reader at Law. The paper was soon followed by a debate called “Is Rape Different?” hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE) Department of Law. The debate resulted in quick condemnation by feminists who felt that people like Helen Reece should be banned from public platforms.

Feminists were infuriated by having their research and scholarship challenged by an academic and the response to Helen’s work on “rape myth myths” took until March, 2014 to compose, but it was worth the wait.
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