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Marriage is so Gay

There is no such thing as gay marriage. Of course most people understand that the phrase simply means legal marriage as hypothetically practiced by a couple who are gay, or, who incidentally share the same type of sexual organs.

The prospect of two same sexed individuals marrying each other is terrifying to some, mostly religious people because, reasons. What? It will lead to global warming? It will drive fuel prices up? Ruin the property value in your neighbourhood? Perhaps a newly discovered species of pine beetle will go extinct.

No, seriously, this is the part I don’t get. There is, in the United States, a federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act. It came into effect in 1996, defining marriage as the legal union between a man and a woman, and was only deemed unconstitutional by a narrow 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court in 2013.

The interesting question arising from this law’s name is – defence against what?

Is the institution of marriage under threat from the prospect of two men or two women marrying each other? A better question might be – where were all the righteously indignant defenders of that foundational social institution when no-fault divorce became a legal norm in the mid 80′s?

They were, at the time, nowhere to be found. Indeed, the apparent defenders of marriage have been, until about a year ago, almost completely silent on no-fault divorce, which alters marriage from an institution of family and community and turns it into a business model for wealth appropriation and female hypergamy.

So, the self appointed protectors of family values have, after 3 decades, finally decided to do something. To do exactly what is not yet clear, as what politicians say has, from time to time, differed from what they later do.

Where were the defenders of marriage when challenged by legal innovations facilitating the dissolution of their (ahem) sacred institution was commandeered for profit by women – the majority initiators of divorce? Where were they while divorce was monetized by a money driven family court system?

Perhaps the defenders of “family values” were too busy profiteering in the divorce industry to notice the carnage. What the American political right presently intends remains a matter of speculation but marriage, whatever it used to be, is now a business of wealth appropriation.

Recognition of that fact provides a solution for what is, apparently a matter of such great contention to opponents of “gay” or “same sex” marriage. Marriage, as it exists, is a form of prostitution, coercion, indentured servitude, with the State in the role of pimp.

The solution to this problem for both the advocates and opponents of same sex marriage is painfully simple: Let the government cease to recognize marriage as a legal institution entirely.

So you want to get “married”?

Recognize what you want is a partnership. Address the formation of the legal family entity between a man and a woman, or any two adults of either sex, using the same set of laws which govern business. Whether we want to admit to it or not, marriage is a business partnership.

It is a business partnership in which resources are pooled to mutual advantage – in which a family is formed, and in which assets are acquired. The only difference between conventional business partnerships and ones include fucking is the occasional production of itty bitty children.

However, since children are not property, they are people, some protections are rightly afforded to them by the law.

A marriage is a contract, and for those whose cultural or religious sensibilities require a church, or a ceremony – no problem, go do that. But let the existing laws governing commerce also cover the commercial enterprise of marriage. Take your personal relationships out of the hands of profiteers, whose financial interests run contrary to those of healthy families and stable societies.

5 thoughts on “Marriage is so Gay”

  1. “The interesting question arising from this law’s name is – defence against what? ”

    Defense against Jehovah raining down fire and brimstone out of sheer outraged butthurt. You have to remember that we are dealing with people who honestly think that the stuff in the bible actually happened.

    Anyone who reads the bible and believes what it says about God is rightly terrified of that frothing lunatic. It is God who sets the boundaries of the sea; God who cast down the tower of Babel; God who drowned freaking everything in the world except one boatload of farm animals; God to turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt in a moment of pique; and God who spends those hours when he is not watching third-world children starve and die from malaria peeking into people’s bedrooms and being shocked, shocked, shocked at what he sees. Gay sex makes him sick, and he is perfectly capable of smiting the whole country to stop it.

    They campaign against gay marriage for the same reason that the tribesmen sacrificed virgins to the volcano: because they are terrified of their insane, unpredictable, homicidal god. They know perfectly well that gay people are ok. They know perfectly well that people having buttsex in private harms no-one.

    But God detests it, and that guy is a dangerous maniac who must at all costs be placated.

    1. god,gods or none at all the truth is the truth. people of all faiths and lack there of used to live in accordance to natural law. not so anymore and it’s actually evangelical christians who take the lead in having the most divorces and out of wedlock child birth rates – although not much higher than the rest. not in the u.s. anyhow.

      with that aside – it would be best if this government was no longer involved in the marriage business thus abolishing the legal institution completely – whether it’s for gay couples,straight couples, or whoever else. the sooner the better i say.

  2. Hey John…

    The thing about this subject is that almost nobody knows what marriage is, and without that, it’s pretty hard to discuss. The problem is, everyone THINKS they do, because marriage is all around them.

    But marriage, like gravity, is actually little understood. People don’t know what money is either, and they are literally sitting on it. Sure, you can POINT to money… but do you know what it is? Where it comes from? How it works? Where it gets its value? and on and on… suddenly, you realize you JUST. DON’T. KNOW.

    You mention that marriage is a legal institution. We know that’s false. How? Because marriage is older than law. Older than writing, in fact.

    Well, then… people suppose marriage must be religious. And again, no. Marriage is older than religion.

    Marriage is found across the planet, for all of recorded history. People with out writing, even without the wheel had it… and you would recognize it a hundred, thousand, even many thousands of years ago… across all cultures.

    Apart from the customs that *accompany it* like the when or if it’s beginnings are celebrated (wedding), or wedding customs… (hint: weddings are not marriage), a married couple is instantly and immediately recognizable throughout every record we have of it existing.

    Here is the other thing to know: Marriage is seen, fully formed, as far back as we can see… which means it’s older than that.

    What can possibly explain this universal and ancient thing… that predates religion and law? Why is it essentially the same everywhere? (even when there are multiple husbands or wives… after all, the wives are not married to each other, are they…)

    When you get to this point, you have to start questioning every comfortable, basic assumption you have.

    Did God create it? Well… if there is a creator, then I suppose that is possible. What about evolution? Well, to the extent that evolution determine our behaviors… then that’s possible too.

    So what is this “institution”, that on further examination… can’t possibly be?

    It’s a discovery. Marriage is the name that we give to the mating pair of our species.

    Like all of the species that form mating pairs… humans being only one… we simply observe it in nature.

    This is why it is universal. Ancient as hell, and also why it is important… from Gods hand, or the forces of evolution… it’s got a purpose.

    Leave it to the modern world to totally fuck it up.

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