Elliot Rodger and the Big Blue Pill

Another mentally disturbed individual has picked up a gun and murdered his way into international headlines. This time in California, this time a 22 year old, this time leaving behind a video record of his motives. Elliot Rodger was socially isolated, sexually frustrated, and apparently fully convinced of his own perfection as a highly desirable object of what he believed was deserved adulation from women who, it turned out, were not turned on by him.
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Daisy Kler Lying to the Public

In February 2014 the government in British Columbia set aside $5.5 million dollars to address domestic violence problems. This money is in addition to $70 million that they invest every year. On May 5, 2014 Daisy Kler, of Vancouver Rape Relief, stated repeatedly on CBC’s BC Almanac radio show that there is “no political will” to stop domestic violence. That was the first of many lies.
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A Letter to Rachel Maddow

In Turkey, as I write this, there are, as you already know, approximately 150 miners trapped one mile below ground in a burning coal mine. It was you, Miss Maddow covering this disaster on your show on MSNBC who brought it to my attention.

These 150 miners who may still be alive, or not. There are also, based on your report, at least 270 already dead.
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Senator Anne Cools’ continuing fight against gender feminism

Senator Anne Clare Cools was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1984 by Pierre Trudeau. She was the first black senator in Canada and the first black female senator in all of North America. Beginning her political career as a member of the Liberal party, Senator Cools is now an independent and has continued to boldly and conscientiously speak out against gender feminism where it threatens to undermine the integrity of Canadian society.
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This is What Feminist Justice Looks Like

Feminists have found a way to bypass democracy and use the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms to create an unjust society. This video explores how feminists enabled Canada’s most despised criminal to escape justice.

This is what feminist justice will look like if we don’t stop them.