Elliot Rodger and the Big Blue Pill

Another mentally disturbed individual has picked up a gun and murdered his way into international headlines. This time in California, this time a 22 year old, this time leaving behind a video record of his motives. Elliot Rodger was socially isolated, sexually frustrated, and apparently fully convinced of his own perfection as a highly desirable object of what he believed was deserved adulation from women who, it turned out, were not turned on by him.

Mr Rodger was not just sexually frustrated, he was socially isolated and unable to recognize his own neuroses. He elected to “punish” not-attracted-to-him women by killing them. Two women, along with four men, became his victims before Rodger shot himself following a gun battle with California police officers.

Now, according to some elements of mainstream media, Mr Rodger was not a mentally ill, very confused and angry sociopath, nope, he was a Men’s Human Rights Activist (MRA) – Seriously.

This idea, repeated, to their shame, by “respected” sites like Huffington Post and Time is so irresponsible and bottomlessly stupid that even being an active MRA, and thus slandered by them, I am most affected by a mortified embarrassment on their behalf.

Some commentators outside the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) have admirably already pointed out the falsehood, noting that Mr Rodger shot and killed twice as many men than women. At least one self identifying men’s rights activist has made the deeply unfortunate comment that “not all MRAs are like that”. Not all of them? For fucks sake; how about no MRA. Ever.

If, in fact, that very confused and mentally deranged young man had immersed himself in this movement, he would never have acted out his violent fantasies. He would not have killed anyone, including himself.

That bears repeating.

If Elliot Rodger had found the Men’s Rights Movement, and not simply the how-to-get-laid Pick-up Artist (PUA) segment of what is often mischaracterized by the term “manosphere” he would not have picked up a knife or gun.

Had Elliot Rodger actually become an MRA, he would have found an empowering way to heal from the psychological wounds which drove his violent fantasies: Wounds which led him to kill four men, two women, and then himself.

This is the part not yet mentioned by any MRA. Elliot Rodger was as conventional, mainstream and blue-pill in his self identity as the most devout of male feminists. He took his personal identity from the consensus of the women around him rather than rejecting a publicly conferred male identity.

The most obvious fact in Rodger’s “my twisted life” diary was his desperate, unfilled need to be validated as a person of worth by the women he saw as arbiters of men’s identities. This is pure, undiluted mainstream thinking. And I am being excessively generous by use of the term “thinking”.

Among Elliot Rodger’s neuroses was that he suffered from an advanced, weapons-grade version of what I have previously termed female consensus conferral of public male identity.

Within the wider Men’s Rights Movement, a sub-genre exists almost entirely focused on self-determined male identity. This determination is separate from, and independent of the normal model of female consensus conferral. I refer, of course, to that movement of unwieldy acronym: MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Elliot Rodger, to his detriment, was not his own man. He did not go his own way. He went the way of gynocentric culture and became, almost literally, the poster-boy for mainstream, pathological gender ideology.

So, for all you bleating feminists figuratively rending their clothes over this tragedy – if you want fewer Elliot Rodgers in the world, then you want more MRAs.

7 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger and the Big Blue Pill”

  1. I was angry and growing more so with every passing day. Then I found MGTOW and MRA videos on youtube and spent days pouring over them. I recognized the problems in this culture before I found those videos, I could never put it to words and I never thought anyone else saw it. The red pill analogy fits so well because of the simple fact that everything we talk about in this movement is right in front of everyone’s eyes and they chose not to see it or acknowledge it. The red pill forces your eyes to open and forces you to acknowledge the real world, something this man Elliot Rodgers needed very badly.

  2. I would hesitate to make any predictions that cannot be tested–that is, I would never say definitively that if he’d found us, he would not have lost his shit at some point and killed a bunch of people. The kid had serious mental problems, as well as social ones. Given how completely the typical male feminist’s body can reject the Red Pill (even when applied by suppository!) it’s entirely likely this guy might have been *unable* to reconcile what we say with his own observations and experiences.

    That said, I have received a significant number of emails from formerly suicidal young men who were, in their words, becoming actual misogynists. Not the misogynist of feminist conception, but starting to truly hate women. They would tell me they’d stumbled across my videos by accident, and wanted to thank me for opening their eyes, letting them know they are not alone, and giving them an explanation for the most difficult and theretofore unanswered question they had–“why?”

    Despite so many accusations that the MRM spreads hatred of women (and to be sure, can and do say some unflattering things about women at times), it always amazes me how a budding misogynist can be exposed to MRM ideas and let go of their hate, rather than internalize it. I know for a fact we have saved lives–the lives of men who’ve written to say they were on the verge of killing themselves when they stumbled on just one MRM article or video that helped them let go of all the bullshit that was making them miserable.

    It’s also amazing to me how hard many feminists are trying to silence us, given all that.

    1. “It’s also amazing to me how hard many feminists are trying to silence us, given all that.”

      Simple, they want men to commit suicide.

  3. As someone who grew up “rejecting a publicly conferred male identity”, I have to say that it is easy to get to a place where you want to lash out at those who you see causing you torment. I luckily managed to discover a way to abate most of the negativity in my life, pursuing it long enough to know that those in your immediate acquaintance are far outweighed by the totality of humanity on this planet. Once this is known, one can find a group who accepts one as one is.

    This isn’t just a blue-pill male issue. That poor girl who killed herself over an amateur porn flick she made (itself clearly an attempt to find something for herself like what I did for me) did so because she hadn’t found that supportive group yet, and lost any remaining sense of self-worth to continue the fight.

    The difference between Rodger and this poor young woman is that he externalized his blame, whereas she accepted the view of her immediate acquaintances and blamed herself – something that likely wasn’t deserved. He lashed out, she lashed in. Both are dead.

    Neither of these young people should be dead, but as a culture we still encourage bullying of The Other, and limit exposure to The Other to small subsets of our society. Young and troubled people who don’t fit in where they are don’t get to find where they should be.

    As a result, these two cases aren’t going to be the last. Until humanity grows up, and ends all abusive behavior, there will be more of these. That will take centuries – if Mother Nature doesn’t wipe us off her face first.

  4. It’s not credible to suppose that Rodgers simply never encountered the online MRM. What many have not noticed about him is that his killings were not entirely about gender, as much as that, they were about class. Sexual access to hot babes is a marker of wealth and class, especially where he lived.

    These killings were a product of the lack of social mobility that is ossifying american society. The dream that if you work hard, maybe invent something, you can get rich and live out a young man’s dream is dying, nearly dead. These days, a youngish man who is wealthy definitely has wealthy parents. Youngish women who are hot have the money and leisure for personal trainers and surgery.

    Of course, it seems absurd to say this about a young man who drove a BMW. But he was in a position to see what so many are not in a position to: just how very, very rich today’s rich are.

    Expect more of the same, more angry young men, more co-option of their grievances.

    As the russians say: everything the communists said about communism was a lie, but everything they said about capitalism turned out to be the absolute truth.

  5. Interesting read, I’m left with the impression that we follow the bias of our perspectives and experience.

    I read Elliot’s manifesto, I was struck by the lack of attachment in his developmental years. He was constantly moving and relocating. It suggests that he may never have developed or experienced a social relationship that evolved to include collaboration and cooperation. He may likely have only achieved a relationship based on competitive attachment.

    It’s a somewhat nuanced perspective but if you consider the difference between competitive relationships and cooperative relationships you are left to consider the fact that each supports it’s own psychology of performance.

    If we as individuals don’t develop a healthy balance between competition and cooperation we function in one of the extremes. Overly passive behavior enforced by authoritarian sanctions for obedience. Or overly aggressive behavior enforced by isolating sanctions of neglect.

    Functioning in either extreme will break you down faster than having the ability to select between the two. It’s a medication or murder dichotomy. I don’t believe Elliot had functional collaborative skills and his lack of attachment to develop them placed him in the role of a competitive outsider.

    In fact his access to wealth and material identity supported his competitive psychology limiting his cognitive interpretation of the social system in which he attempted to operate. Karen aptly points out the psychic injury of isolation in her above comment by suggesting the corrective measure is to ensure that “you are not alone.” Suggesting that this is the ointment for many male suicides.

    Elliot was in effect the “male bomb” you described in an earlier article that is created within a gynocentric culture. I strongly doubt that any exposure to the MRM would have done anything but exacerbate the psychology that entrapped him.

    If you audit the tone of commenting on just about any blog you will find more often than not that to have a different perspective is to be isolated. Expressed ideas are judged as acceptable or unacceptable within a validation process; they are not responded to as an evolving psychology. Which is what I believe Elliot needed to modify his cognitive understandings.

    This is highlighted by the fact that the MM will acknowledge and lionize the victimization of men that implode such as Thomas Ball or Earl Silverman but for those that explode under similiar social pressures of isolation a safe distance is preferred. Sorry Elliot your on your own, validation withdrawn. Next!

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