Women Against Women Against #WomenAgainstFeminism?

Women against feminism, it is about time.

But what about women against gynocetrism. How many women opposing feminism don’t simply want more free stuff. How many are not simply angry their traditional advantages over men were accidentally wrecked by the growing toxicity of modern gender ideology.
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The Bad Man Complex

If you’re a Men’s Human Rights Activist, then it’s likely you know the name of Thomas James Ball. If you’re not an MHRA, then that name will likely mean nothing to you.

Ball was a New Hampshire father savaged for 15 years by the family court. This lasted as long as it did because he would not give up on his pursuit of a meaningful relationship with his children. During that time, he came to an understanding of the nature of the family court system in New Hampshire, and elsewhere.

It is a system of wealth appropriation, populated and run by bullies and tyrants and sadists. These courts use the weight and power of the law, but engage in a blanket pattern of disregarding said law as a matter of selective fiat. It is utterly and totally corrupt. Phrases like “the best interests of the children” excuse the court’s continued existence, and shame and silence those who would expose the court to the public.
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Excuse me, Mr. Molyneux

The populist ideology of gender, commonly called feminism has, on occasion, had one or two legitimate points. Women are capable of being self possessed, self determined adults, and the tiered social system of history, in which women were protected, as if children, but barred from participation in contracts, the priesthood, or higher education had to change.

Unfortunately, the feminist movement did not self-police, and by this failure, it became the hate movement we now recognize.
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