Excuse me, Mr. Molyneux

The populist ideology of gender, commonly called feminism has, on occasion, had one or two legitimate points. Women are capable of being self possessed, self determined adults, and the tiered social system of history, in which women were protected, as if children, but barred from participation in contracts, the priesthood, or higher education had to change.

Unfortunately, the feminist movement did not self-police, and by this failure, it became the hate movement we now recognize.

The individual addressed by the following article has committed no excess anywhere near as outrageous as some attributable to feminism. In fact, I have been, and continue to be a supporter and a promoter of Mr. Molyneux’s videos and podcasts. However, as I respect and admire his work, I would be dishonest to fail to mention my concerns with one of his recent videos.

Excuse me, Mr Molyneux

I will begin by saying I am a fan of the big giant head calling itself The Molyneux. A big fan, of the big giant Molyneux Head.

This might sound like sarcasm, or like a set-up to attack the person of Mr. Molyneux. It’s not. I find his goals in the promotion of non-violence, and his model for UPB admirable, practical, and I want him to succeed in the spreading of these ideas.

I further support his views on government as a publicly accepted designation on a small group of people who, by consensus, are allowed to commit grave violence and theft against almost everybody outside their own group.

Government has got to go. The acceptance of government, which is to say, the acceptance of a group to which moral rules apparently don’t apply, is holding the human race back. It is trapping all of us in a technologically advanced dark age.

However, my admiration and support for Mr. Molyneux is not blind, and is not unconditional. Although Stefan is a man I respect and admire, I am bound by my own valuation of honesty to criticize a recent public statement that he made.

Stefan, my friend, you have attempted to snow us.

Like many others, I have been an avid follower of your “Truth About” series, addressing the psychology, the philosophies and the histories of public figures including Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln, and others. Those videos of yours are excellent, informative. Most relevant to this discussion, they follow a format, and are information-dense.

In The Truth About Abraham Lincoln, you explored Lincoln’s childhood. You detailed his father’s and mother’s treatment of him. You explored the isolation and hardship he experienced, and the profound abuse he suffered. You further examined his subsequent actions and statements, those which more politically correct histories of the man omit.

In your video The Truth About Che Guevara, you examined his raising by a feminist mother, you detailed his childhood abuse of animals, and his growing sadism and psychopathy as a young man.

However, when you did your “The Truth About Stefan Molyneux,” you departed completely from your own established format.

The very first thing you said about your own “truth” was posited as a satire on potential speculation of whatever “the truth” about yourself might be:

like, there’s some giant mother ship where we keep all the fertile women bound up and inseminated by giant hydra headed snakes, ridden by Hercules.

Say what?! Nobody in your audience is confused that you are some sort of boss-level villain in a pornographic cartoon, Stefan.

This is a snap-shot of psychedelic, anime-pornographic mythological imagery. It is not merely a distracting non-sequiter – as your characterized speculation – it is most notably heavily mythological.

some weird magnificent stuff, or some sinister… don’t talk about the mother ship.

That is smoke, and pseudo-mythical distraction. You continued:

There’s nothing interesting really, but I will tell you the truth about me, if it’s of interest to you. It certainly is what drives me. And it’s not a secret. It’s in everything that I do. But this is the truth about me. The truth about me my friends is this.

Here it comes.

No-one who wants to come to the future need be left behind.

A platitude. I note that you most likely mean it, but it’s still no more than a platitude.
Followed by a rephrased platitude.

Nobody who wants to join progress gets left behind.

This would have been a bad beginning to a video which contained any real information. But that’s not what the rest of your video delivered. In fact, this was a perfect beginning to a video, establishing the tone, which throughout its length deals only in metaphorical imagery, mythology, and verbal dancing around what the video’s title suggests might have been the content.

“The Truth About Stefan Molyneux.”

You didn’t need to invent a new format, you have a perfectly good one already which you have used to discuss Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Elliot Rodger, Martin Luther King Jr., et cetera.

So what happened when it came time to do the video about that Stefan guy??

For the entire 16 minutes of your “Truth About Stefan” video, you speak only in metaphor and platitude, using ever more hyperbolic rhetoric. You provided no details whatsoever, and no specifics whatsoever about your own history – in a show named after the format of “Truth About” videos which explicitly deal with the histories and details of legendary figures. You have dispelled the accepted mythology about your subjects but, in a reversal of the format of your “Truth About” series, you built a myth about yourself and totally omitted any specifics or details. That is my objection, Mr. Molyneux: One standard for others, a separate standard for yourself.

I object.

You have mentioned in previous videos that you suffered abuse as a child, and I do not doubt the truth of those assertions. I am confident that you were abused, as were so many of your show’s callers. I will also note my genuine sympathy for you, in what you went through – even without knowing its specifics.

At 1 minute 40 seconds of your Truth About Stefan video, you also note that you escaped from this trauma and reclaimed yourself as a self determined adult.

I made it out. I made it out of the abuse. I made it out of the tyranny, and the hysteria, and the hypochondria, and the violence, and the disconnection, and the chaotic stone age brutality of my origins.

In your video, this is the closest you get to revelations about yourself, but with respect, Stefan, this is all simply characterization. It’s a non-specific characterization of a bad childhood.

You are obviously under no obligation to reveal your own past, neither what was done to you nor what, in childhood and adolescence, you may have done to others. But if you don’t want to do a “Truth About Stefan” revelation, then you should not have uploaded a video titled The Truth About Stefan Molyneux.

What you did upload with that title would have been more accurately called “Stefan’s myth of Molyneux”.

I have the intelligence, the skill and the verbal fluidity to do the dance that dislodges the demons.

You are certainly doing a dance, my friend.

to yodel the high octaves of truth, below the snow capped mountain, so that the avalanche of bullshit falls and reveals the glowing peaks of personhood, in people.

Holy shit, dude. I’m a fan of using hyperbolic rhetoric too, but damn, – this is a video called “The Truth About Stefan Molyneux.” Are you sure the truth you’re revealing is not one which indicts rather than exalts you? Yes, that has occurred to me, which means it’s occurred to others. Will you demonstrate that this impression is false? I’m not the only one counting on you.

And I felt that the good thing to do, the right thing to do, the responsible thing to do was to go back. To go back, not to drag people, because you cant drag people. Not to push people, because you cant push people. But to go back into the hell I came out of and to invite people to get out.

So, you’re the Bodhisattva. Okay.

You’re returning to Samsara to rescue the rest of us poor benighted bastards. At least, those of us smart enough to run along with you.

And that smile you keep mugging for us is pretty good, but I think Jack Layton’s estate might want it back.

But honestly Stefan, you’re much smarter and more self-aware than this particular “Truth About” would lead a new listener to imagine. You can do better, my friend. You also, I am sure, have big enough balls to recognize an error and to correct it.

Of course, if I’m wrong, I’m sure I will not be the only person to benefit by being shown my mistake.

I hope you will take this criticism in the spirit of friendship that it is intended, and I thank you very much for your kind attention.

He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!
~ Brian’s mother

4 thoughts on “Excuse me, Mr. Molyneux”

  1. Stefan is a good reasoner or at least he will make you think and reason. Kudos.

    But at the same time the “truth” about many things he talks about lacks reasoning. It is reduced to a list of cheap accusations depending on how you want to paint the person he is talking about.

    I guess that is reflected in the video this article is about. It is just a video of how Stefan would like to show Stefan.

  2. I do agree that the title and categorizing of the video in question is misleading. and given the framework that of “the truth about” series, makes it doubly bad.

    unlike the rest of his “truth of” series, this video uploaded was actually a rant he engaged in at the end of one of his listener call in shows. Why it was cropped in put in a video of its own is beyond me and I agree its in bad taste to have been given the title it has. At least its not in his “Truth of” playlist on his channel.

    For Stefan’s past, he actually does talk about it a lot in detail, just not in a precise, condense podcast or video. I agree its a loss opportunity.

  3. He’s allowed to hold himself to a different standard. He should just say “I DON’T WANT TO DO A TRUTH ABOUT VIDEO ON MYSELF SO I WON’T!” it would be honest and completely his prerogative. The fact that he can’t ever admit to being wrong or having needs or flaws is a lot bigger issue than he realizes. Love the man to death but the way he treats some of his callers is abhorrent. Cringeworthy even.

    He’s brilliant, but flawed. Very flawed. But at least he does it with passion. At least he’s pursuing his convictions. I’d prefer he’d become a bit more humble, and gentle with callers for sure. But my hat goes off to him for what he’s done and his success in his personal life with a happy marriage and good relationship with his kid and beating cancer. Hope he continues to grow and mature and hope I do as listener.

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