Women Against Women Against #WomenAgainstFeminism?

Women against feminism, it is about time.

But what about women against gynocetrism. How many women opposing feminism don’t simply want more free stuff. How many are not simply angry their traditional advantages over men were accidentally wrecked by the growing toxicity of modern gender ideology.

Susan B Anthony in an address at an open supper by the Daughters of Temperance said in 1849:

It is generally conceded that it is our sex that fashions the social and moral state of society. We do not presume that females possess unbounded power in abolishing the evil customs of the day; but we do believe that were they en masse to discountenance the use of wine and brandy as beverages at both their public and private parties, not one of the opposite sex, who has any claim to the title of gentleman, would so insult them as to come into their presence after having quaffed of that foul destroyer of all true delicacy and refinement.

So we have a class of people who openly concede that they have superior social and moral power in society. They acknowledge that by the mere expression of collective disapproval, they can influence male decisions and behaviour on a grand scale.

Of course, this superior social and moral power was not enough, in 1849, for even the women who then understood it. Added to superior moral and social power, they also wanted at least equal political and economic power. But where was their discussion about ceding any of their superior social and moral authority to men?

Along comes the MHRM pointing out that this superior moral and social authority, coupled with equal political and economic status, is a blueprint for supremacy.

This obvious fact, stated against a deafening chorus of feminist disavowal of any part in changing legislation or domestic policy. Those changes often accomplished against the consensus of the voting public! But it was never feminist lobbying obviously, because “feminism just isn’t that powerful”.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest:
The legalization of female on male spousal murder is pursued in plain public view by LEAF front-man and University of Ottawa Professor of Law Elizabeth Sheehy.

The response from feminists is “men are just objecting to losing their privilege”. In reality this response, like most feminist assertions, is simple psychological projection. Women have at least equal political and economic status to men. In fact, it can be reasonably argued that modern women have superior political and economic power than men.

What feminists do NOT want is for men to have equal moral and social authority to women.

This results in concerted efforts by feminists to keep men out of the discussion on gender issues, while claiming that men already hold all the power in said discussions.
And because of their superior social and moral authority, women are able to dictate this obvious contradiction as if it is reality.

Among the unacknowledged powers possessed by women is that of the creation and maintenance of social reality. That is to say, the ability to create and maintain a publicly accepted social narrative which ignores or contradicts observable reality.

Yes, we need women’s voices to expose this sham of an “equality movement” for what it is–snake oil and supremacy.

We don’t need is another female centred ideology with the same covert goals of wealth appropriation, and social and legal marginalization. This “new” ideology displacing the present pre-eminent gender ideology with one different only in it’s rhetoric and tactics.

Entering the war against civil society by feminists is a new player. It’s a player quickly dwarfing and eclipsing the Men’s Human Rights Movement. The public face of this new player is Women Against Feminism.

Some of the women against feminism are participating out of their own intelligence and for their own reasons. Those reasons are egalitarian, humanitarian and coincide, at least in part, with long term goals of the MHRM.

But many women against feminism admit it is feminism’s toxicity that has alerted men to their own exploitation and marginalization. This exploitation exists both in feminist society, as well as in traditional gynocentric society. And, that awareness has turned men away from their historic woman favouring and female-provisioning behaviour.

But the traditionalists in the WAF movement have the weight and political muscle of the established political right behind them.

No psychic powers are needed to predict that such an established power will supplant and eclipse the MHRM.

And there’s the mystery. Few Men’s Human Rights Activists even see it. Some of the most prominent MRAs are gleefully embracing Women Against feminism as if it is simply an awakening of women’s consciousness.

Are we to swallow the idea that until now, women have been somehow ignorant of the continued human harm perpetrated by the political left’s flavour of gynocentrism?
To grant such a pass requires that women be both foolish and ignorant. Regardless of the picture sold to the public by mainstream feminism, they are not.

But traditionalist women have lost much of their their hold over traditionalist men. They have lost access to the free stuff that comes with being provisioned in a traditional gender role society, and they’re mad as hell at feminists for ruining the deal.

But none of us live, anymore in a 1930’s faming community in which men’s labor and physical strength is required for that community’s survival. Women, using modern technology can do the work men used to do by hand.
The low technology lives lived by previous generations are what drove the necessary economy of gendered roles.

But as a movement, we’re apparently ready to uncritically embrace gynocentric traditionalism. Is it because a powerful lobby is now backing women against feminism. Really?

Is it simply because they too oppose the left’s version of our culture’s gynocentric drive, and because they’ve got more influence and reach than we in the MHRM do. Is that why we are suspending our critical faculties?

The political right has been hocking versions of “Dear men, kindly get back on the treadmill” for decades. Is WAF the marketing Men’s Human Rights Activists will finally be taken in by? So, do we now abandon the MRM, and like good little worker bees – re-commence feeding the machine with our corpses?

We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us. Did you ever think what those sleepers are that underlie the railroad? Each one is a man…. The rails are laid on them, and they are covered with sand, and the cars run smoothly over them. They are sound sleepers, I assure you. And every few years a new lot is laid down and run over; so that, if some have the pleasure of riding on a rail, others have the misfortune to be ridden upon.

~1854: Henry David Thoreau

But we actually don’t need men to build railroads, or harvest crops, or do most of the necessary, dangerous heavy work which required gender roles in the past. Men are more unnecessary than ever before. But we’re going to embrace a traditional social model now? The one in which men’s value is tied directly to their capability to do things like harvest timber, operate heavy machinery and die on the job?

A more powerful plan for male disposability, disenfranchisement and marginalization is hard to imagine.

This is not to suggest that Women against Feminism should be flatly rejected. Women against feminism is a good start. It does deserve our support.

However, feminism is just one political manifestation, from the left, of gynocentrism. Replacing one form of corruption with another, more polished, older, more practiced form is no solution at all.

11 thoughts on “Women Against Women Against #WomenAgainstFeminism?”

  1. Sorry this is written is such convoluted and flowery style my confused brain nearly exploded, fuck you and you article, I don’t care if you are a feminist or not that article was painful shit.,

  2. Can you write a shorter article with all the waffley shit stripped out please?

    And if you ever think about putting gynocentrism in an article again please commit suicide first


    1. I understand that many people, including you, have a serious emotional problem when it comes to offering any criticism of women. Clearly, based on your emotional reaction to even mention of gynocetrism, this is a topic which needs much more exploration. Thanks for the tip.
      Also, if you have a better terminology to replace “gynocetrism” with, I’d like to replace the word with something more user-friendly.

  3. I’ve been reading the tweets and selfies by Women Against Feminism religiously. Only about 20% (at best) have any discernable traditionalism in them. the rest are nothing more/less than women championing humanism and the bankruptcy of feminism.

    I’m with the idea of antigynocentrism – great idea. But lets not overstate the influence of traditionalism. It’s needlessly exaggerating and divisive.

  4. I first wish to say great work to the courageous women against feminism…
    I cannot think of a better way to drive traditional women into the arms of feminists and to silence the average man than to start slagging on these courageous women and ask traditional women to check their privilege. Dude are you a feminist infiltrator or what? This is shear folly. There will be an organic progression towards balance in the absence of feminism. Our society was heading this way immediately prior to the long dark night of feminism. Rant done. Have a nice day 🙂

  5. “Women, using modern technology can do the work men used to do by hand.”

    Go to the wall socket, where that “modern technology” gets its power from. Unscrew the face plate. Behind that bland electrical socket, that women never spare a second thought for, are three wires – active, neutral, and earth.

    Those wires were put there by a man. In all likelihood, a white cisgendered man. That socket, and every other socket in your home and office. Screwed into place by a man. Run through conduits in the wall by a man. Connected up to the fusebox by a man. And so on, all the way back to the power station.

    The pipes that your sink and toilets connect to, the faucets and the toilets themselves. The concrete kerbs along the sides of your street, the drains in those kerbs, and the underground network of stormwater pipes those drains connect to.

    Look out the window of your home and office. Then look at the window itself – the glass in the frame, the beading around the edge of the glass. Go to the supermarket, and think about how those items are made, and how they got from where they were made to where they sit.

    Men made it all. All of it. Anything that is not a tree, men made. By hand, or by machines made by hand installed and maintained by hand. All of it. Without us not only building but continuously maintaining it, that “modern technology” would run for a day or two before it stopped, never to start again.

    1. I first saw the above point made in print by a woman. A lesbian. And a strident anti-feminist.

      Camille Paglia.

      She wrote that every time she drives on a bridge or through a tunnel, she silently remembers the many who risked their lives, and the few who gave theirs, while building it.

      I am well in my 60s, but radical feminism was already a force to be reckoned with when I was in college. I have been waiting for women to take a serious interest in the machinery that sustains our economic and medical order. A few are more likely to do so now than 50+ years ago. But by and large, most women take our industrial male-designed and built society for granted.

  6. “… it is feminism’s toxicity that has alerted men to their own exploitation and to marginalization… And, that awareness has turned men away from their historic woman favouring and female-provisioning behaviour.”

    I think this is the heart of it, and it’s dead-on. Women are coming out against feminism now because they’re starting to recognize that male self-awareness is a very real threat to female privilege. Undoubtedly, most of the women supporting WAF who are smart enough to recognize this threat, are also smart enough to dissemble their true feelings and motives with politically correct phrases like “championing humanism.”

    A wise man once said, “You can never count on people to invest in the problems of others, but you can ALWAYS count on them to invest heavily in their own.”

    As far as I’m concerned, this article is awesome, and serves as a much needed reminder for the MRM to stay on point. Yes, people pay more attention when women speak—and that’s frustrating—but the real battle will be won by the words and deeds of true MRA’s. WAF has its uses, but let’s all be mindful of the feminist movement trying to use it as a “Cat’s Paw” to dismantle the MRM.

  7. Faming=farming. Hocking=hawking.
    I say exposing gynocentrism and propagating acknowledgement of it is the best we can hope for. It’s in the blood, man. Boys are going to lie down over puddles so girls don’t wet their feet. Don’t gallagher your melonhead against that wall. The injustice is the lack of informed consent. The crime of feminism is not its gynocentrism, it is its denial of gynocentrism. I am being conned out of what I probably would have handed over anyway. That shit has to stop.

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