Intersectionality Is Not Just Another Word

On December 23rd, Eleanor Robertson made a passionate plea in The GuardianIn defence of intersectionality – one of feminism’s most important tools”. She laments that many feminists revile intersectionality as meaningless and appeals to us to recognize the internal importance of the issue.

I agree. There is much to be learned.
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The Trouble With Traditionalism

We all live under a social contract. But what does that mean?

In the broader picture, the simplest explanation is an implicit agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for the benefit of the community.

There is also an historical social contract between men and woman.

This used to be an implicit agreement between men and women, exchanging provision and protection for esteem and public deference. This definition is terse but deflects any feigned incomprehension at the meaning of the term.
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The Power of Women

One of the lesser known facts about the Anti-Abortion movement is that it is not driven by men’s desire to control women or their bodies. The Pro-Choice rhetoric revolves around a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. It also decries the “patriarchal” conceit that stodgy old white men should have determination of what a woman does with her eggs, her uterus and some dude’s gamete cells. But the argument: “hey old man, keep your old-man hands off my fluffy lady bits” is a ruse. It’s bullshit.
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