making women happy

Making Women Happy

Men want women to be happy. Women, for their part, want men to want women to be happy.

When women fail to be happy, it’s often a lever motivating men to act on their behalf. Because men actively want women to be happy, they are susceptible to such manipulation.

Women, as a class, have the unrecognized disadvantage that they are the arbiters of social reality. The disadvantage is that, wielding this power, they are never required to become adults.

Of the examples that could be provided to illustrate this assertion, the need for brevity limits us to only a few.

Due to women’s superior social and moral status, and men’s reliance on female approval for identity, the common designation “creep” carries great cultural power. It is a dreaded condemnation.

The common feminine use of the pejorative “creep” to condemn a man conveys no real information about any man so accused. The term “creep” reflects only the emotional state of a woman using the slur to marginalize or silence her victim.

In social reality, women decide among themselves who has value and who doesn’t. A man is either good or bad based on the designation of the females around him. If you are a man, and the women in your life don’t approve of you, then you are – despite all effort – condemned to the role of bad guy. What you really are, based on your pursuit of truth or virtue is irrelevant.

In modern disaster reporting, the phrase “women and children” persistently reminds us just whose deaths matter. In contrast, dead men are relegated to job titles, such as miners or workers. This is another code, indicating merely the loss of productive equipment. Dead men are only lost livestock.

In November of 1998, Hillary Clinton stated during a speech that “[w]omen have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known.”

Unsurprisingly, this did not end her political career. It’s not surprising because men do not own their own lives. The loss of male life in combat is a loss of a female possession: A loss of her provider. Men are so enslaved to women that the loss of their own life doesn’t even belong to them as a hardship. The casual atrocity of Clinton’s statement beggars description.

Yet Clinton’s opinion, rather than discrediting her as a monster, is accepted as an element of social reality.

It is women who are the authors and editors of who matters. Some women will feign ignorance of such power, some women may actually be ignorant on the issue, but none of these women hesitate to use this reality for their own advantage.

Susan B Anthony, a feminist icon, famously let the cat out of the bag during a speech to a women’s temperance dinner in 1849. She said: “It is generally conceded that it is our sex that fashions the social and moral state of society.”

The best current source of understanding the social climate is popular music. Music connects to the undercurrent of emotion behind the shared experiences of people’s lives. The content of the most popular music are ideas which resonate with the public because they confirm or amplify an opinion which is already known. A pop song will not succeed if the idea it conveys is not already widely shared.

International icon and superstar Beyonce Knowles summed up the state of affairs in her 2011 platinum single Run The World.

“Girls! We run this mother, yo! ”

Setting aside the biological programming of males to protect women, this is one of the reasons why men want women to be happy. It is as simple as the fact that: girls run this mother, yo.

Some of them men think they freak this like we do
But no they don’t
Make your check come at they neck,
Disrespect us no they won’t


My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power, with our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me.

Speaking on behalf of women as a social caste, when this female entertainer says “do anything”, she means it – and this is nothing new.

During the first world war, women compelled men to enlist, to be shipped to the front lines, and to die in the freezing mud of the trenches. Women compelled men to die, charging against machine guns over open ground, giving them tokens of shame in the form of white feathers.

It was women, using their social power to coerce men into a caricature of the so-called “decent man,” which compelled them to die horrible deaths. Unless they were willing to travel hundreds of miles from their homes to murder other men, or be killed by those strangers, they were deemed cowards. And all through feminine compulsion, in service of a squabble among the 19th century’s royal families. Sixteen million soldiers and civilians died for female approval.

Returning to Susan B Anthony’s statement: “It is generally conceded that it is our sex that fashions the social and moral state of society”

Women fashion the identities of men. Males are deemed “good men” or “bad men” by the evaluations of women. That is why men through all of history have killed and died for women. Because women hold power over men’s identities. Women give men worth, or declare them worthless. It is why a woman, merely offended by the speech of a man can, by expression of her offence, motivate the violence of other men against whatever male voice she wishes to have silenced.

The idea that women are less powerful, or oppressed, or that they are ruled over by “patriarchy” is absurd. It is beyond stupid, it is obscene.

But because the social caste of “women” wields authorship of culture’s guiding narratives, the myth that women are an oppressed class persists. “Good” men obediently nod their heads and agree that women are oppressed, downtrodden, marginalized, and so on, because women own men’s identities. Good men do as they are told.

This agreed-upon oppression is, of course, the justification for changes to law, social policy, and the endless exclusion of men from normal human consideration. One of the exclusionary tactics is the manufacturing of a cultural narrative condemning men to the role of villain and women as their perpetual victims.

Rape culture” is the name given, by feminists, to the ridiculous idea that our society cleaves to a set of assumptions and ideals which promote and facilitate the crime of rape as a method of controlling women. Aside from rape being a crime with severe consequences in law, their narrative is contradicted by the fact that of all violent crimes tracked by law enforcement, rape has the lowest per-capita incidence. This is the power of authorship of our social narrative, owned by the woman-caste.

A broader example of female favouring distortion is feminism itself: That female-centric phenomenon which is common in cultures around the world. It is sometimes described by the label Gynocentrism.

In 2014, a growing fraction of Western women have begun to reject identification with the feminist brand name. Some of this is simple and honest rejection of the degradation of women as incapable and hapless permanent victims. But some of these women rejecting feminism have other, more covert, reasons for their public positions against the F word.

A great many men, after weathering years of public rhetoric about what subhuman, malevolent, masculine filth they are have become hostile to that gender ideology. They are also hostile to the women who have, for multiple generations, sat quietly and passively as men were publicly vilified and legally marginalized for feminine gain. Any man who dares to wonder how hateful and violent women will become before it ends, does so only quietly in a darkened room. The betrayal by women for whom men have historically killed, died, and sacrificed, is too painful for most to voice aloud.

Male challenges to the feminist movement and their narrative are met blandly with the standard dictionary definition of “equality.” Debate, as they see it, is a male activity with which they will not engage. The ideology’s apologists’ reliance on a dictionary assurance that it is a simple pursuit of equality is predictable, repetitive, and ever more inadequate.

Women, to date, have been content to remain silent. Women have been content to collect the social, legal, and economic benefits of victim-class status, while the other half of the human race have been trampled on. In growing numbers, men have had enough, and not just of feminism. Men have also had enough of the indifference and silence of their female contemporaries who, by inaction, have assented to the escalation of a truly malevolent public ethic.

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence”
~Leonardo da Vinci

After 60 years of feminist influence, the social interface between male and female has become so toxic that consensual sexual relations can be, and are, recast as criminal victimization, based on a woman changing her mind after the act. The enormity and travesty that after-the-fact-reversal of assent is granted recognizance by law can not be overstated.

Men want women to be happy. Women, for their part, want men to be happy making women happy.

At least, that used to be the case. Men, in increasing numbers, are indifferent to the opinions and feelings of their female contemporaries. In fact, in the deafening silence from most women to the runaway toxicity and virulent hatred of the ideology claiming to speak for them, a growing number of men are now hostile to women.

Women, for their part, still desire that men keep trying to make women happy.

Some, in an effort to reverse the impact of feminine cultivation of men’s indifference, have photographed themselves holding up small signs, rejecting feminism, and have posted those pictures on the net.

Yeah, that ought to do the trick.

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4 thoughts on “Making Women Happy”

  1. Absolutely pure genius! I have read many articles on the MGTOW website, and while I enjoyed them all, this one is comprehensive and 100% accurate…Is there any reason why the divorce rate is so high in the West? Men have always wanted the same thing…i.e. a woman who acts like a woman and not this modern day feminazi crap… In the 70’s, Women thought they would get the upper hand on men by ‘demanding equal rights. ‘ With the exception of women that look like Beyonce, how is that feminazi crap working ladies?

  2. Hi John, very interesting video / post, can you give me the best and most complete data that backs up this statement (“lowest per capita incidence”):

    “Aside from rape being a crime with severe consequences in law, their narrative is contradicted by the fact that of all violent crimes tracked by law enforcement, rape has the lowest per-capita incidence.”

    Thanks, and all the best,


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