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A MGTOW Affirmation

It has become increasingly obvious that MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) need an affirmation of some sort.

Because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people hate your guts – so protect yourself, you stupid motherfucker.

The MGTOW Affirmation

You exist. (Probably.)

You are a man. (Or, at least, you’re male, – and if you’re good enough, and useful enough, you may be granted the provisional status of being a “real” man.)

You reserve your right to challenge anyone, anywhere, any time they pass off some standard male-vilifying garbage, such as “men can stop rape.” (Even though they’ll probably find your assertiveness “rapey.”)

You recognize that the apparent passivity and helplessness of some women is their tool of control over you. Women’s feigned helplessness is used to compel those around them into acting on their behalf. (And don’t think you’re invulnerable to it, you aren’t. But you can be vigilante.)

You further recognize that your life and safety are as worthy of protection as anyone else. There is no moral obligation on you, by virtue of your gender, to dispense, or to absorb violence on behalf of others. (Let women fight their own battles and take responsibility for their own actions. They are equals after all.)

You recognize that definitions of a “real man” are self serving and arbitrary, supplied by those who will profit from your attempt to conform to such definitions.

You know that if a woman sends you mixed signals, you will coldly walk away. You demand personal accountability from woman and refuse to accommodate those who would exploit you with their games. There is no obligation to explain your rejection of common-place, publicly acceptable manipulation or abuse. (It’s not your fault that other men refuse to see it.)

You flatly reject all shaming tactics used by liars and statistical manipulators. And you don’t even pretend such utterances are sane, respectable or should be tolerated in polite silence because lying about women’s role in domestic violence allows it to continue. (Men fix problems by identifying the factual cause.)

You treat women like adults, not like deities, and not like children. No matter how sincere a woman may seem you do not let her into your wallet, permit her to dictate your thoughts or activities, or allow her to monopolize your time and attention. Nor do you expect her life to revolve around you. (Adults are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves and paying their own bills.)

You are not your job. Regardless of whether you have a really cool career with high status or high pay or work in an untrained, minimum wage position, your job is not your identity. You are not your possessions because, if you follow that path, you will only be a possession to women. (You know that vagina-approval which turns you into a magnificent walking convenience store. )

You recognize that, as a man, you are seen by your government, and by almost all women as a disposable utility to provide labour and money. This slave role is presented as a noble thing called “provider” and you’ve been conditioned from childhood to take pride in being reduced to a utility. However, enlightened by now, you structure your life and career to deny your utility to those who devalue your humanity and use you for their own gain. (The idea that you can be adequately compensated for this subjugation is an illusion based in self loathing.)

You know that laws do not protect you from harm or exploitation to the extent they protect women. You will obey the law to the extent necessary to protect yourself from its enforcers but will otherwise follow your own ethical code. You have no moral obligation to explain this ethical code to anyone. (Your integrity is not for sale so it doesn’t matter how many buyers you have.)

You will not be shamed for having human needs because you are not ruled by desire. You are aware and vigilant against others attempts to use your natural desires or needs for coercive purposes. Your instincts and appetites are healthy because you have learned to care for yourself despite the shaming and abuse that is heaped upon male sexuality. (Women don’t have a monopoly on beauty and yours doesn’t come from a cosmetic bottle or push up bra.)

You recognize that you live in a social system in which you can be lawfully imprisoned or murdered by a woman merely because she claims to have been afraid of you. Because of these laws you are extremely cautious about the women with whom you choose to be alone. (Laws can be changed but, for now, you must adapt to the reality.)

You do not fear the future because you are the pilot of your destiny.

The final and strangely most difficult part to make clear:

You do not get married. Because you are not a moron.

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