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To So-Called Good Women

Lady, I have a question for you and it needs a real answer.

It’s a question to which the men in your life deserve an answer.

In fact, it’s so serious a question that most men are not just terrified to ask, they are too terrified to even conceive of the question itself. That’s why I’m asking on their behalf.

Hey! Lady! What are you doing about the gun in the room?

For some, of this question will need unpacking. Most of you ladies, when asked this question, will reply; “Gun? What gun?”

This is the “gun” of violence by proxy. This is the metaphorical gun put, by the consensus of our culture, into the hands of women. It’s the gun pointed, by the same consensus, at men in any interaction they have with you, a “lady.”

You can, by speaking a few words, summon and direct violence against any man. The simplest method is, of course, an accusation of rape or sexual assault. Even your claim that you are “frightened” is enough to deprive a man of his freedom. In our culture, you bring and point a gun in every conversation you hold with a man.

The consequences to you, if you use that gun frivolously, are minor.

You don’t even have to initiate violence through your overt action. There is an entire cast of characters ready to commit violence against any man on your behalf, without your direct signal. A man imagined to be a threat to you will be attacked by officers of the courts, social services employees, social conformists, and other public institutions.

This is the gun in the room. It is present in every interaction between you and any man. It’s the gun pointed squarely at the neck of the guy you’re having dinner with tonight. And, lady, the grip and trigger of that gun is always in your hand.

So, what are you doing about that gun? What are you doing to put that gun away? What are you doing to unload it, and take it off the table? Lady, what are you doing to remove the threat and coercion from your dealings with your male friends, colleagues, or the man you claim to love?

Most women seem content to control men through coercion and rarely admitted but implied threat.

Dating advice, written by and for women comprises a lot of fluffy, feel-good pseudo-new-age you-go-girl advice. Left unstated is a fixed mental abuse of men and their comparison to pets and livestock. A “good man” is a servile and compliant man. For those who don’t keep to their assigned lesser station – “we” hope you like it in the dog-house, boy.

Men embroiled in the cluster-fuck of marriage face problems even some MRAs fear to address. These MRAs, preferring to gloss over the modern nightmare, promote the woman-racket of traditional gender roles in naked appeasement of popular vanity.

But the word “marriage” requires definition before we can address it.

The popular conception of marriage is that of a legal union by which two people become a romantic partnership, or a family. This common understanding is incorrect.

While two real people form the partnership of a marriage, there is an invisible third party present in any such arrangement.

This third party is the State: A “person” manifested as police officers, social services employees, child protection agencies, legal lobbyists, the family court, and financial institutions which execute court decisions.

These collected entities are all interested parties in the private union between a man and woman who, willing or not, find themselves married in the eyes of the law. But wait, willing or not? This is the 21st century, surely nobody in the Western World gets married unless they want to… right?

Unfortunately, the lengthy co-habitation of two people in many jurisdictions is automatically transformed by law into marriage. This is the State bringing implicit violence into the relationships of people who might otherwise be friends.

The coercion and threat brought by what we term “the State” is almost exclusively on behalf of women, against men. And this is the gun in the room.

Lady, the pistol grip is in your hand, aimed at the man you’re having lunch with today, or sleeping with tomorrow night.

You have also, I trust, noticed the rising public picture of peril to women from the gender ideologues, or feminists, driving our culture’s narrative? On college campuses, rape culture is rampant, right? Every single male student is a serial rapist, just waiting to realize his potential.

This justifies escalation of star-chamber justice for even the most specious sexual misconduct allegations. This threat narrative drives the ever rising male criminalization and thought-policing.

All for the alleged benefit of women: Those who are supposedly victimized by their own supreme sexual power.

So, this is the gun. It’s your gun. Our culture put it in your hand, and pointed it at your male colleagues, at your brother, and at the cute guy you wish would get over his social awkwardness already and ask you out.

Why won’t he ask you out? Why are men such chicken-shits? Why do men treat you like you’re a bomb ready to explode at any moment?

Well, what are you doing about that gun in your hand?

You might claim that gun was put in your hand, and pointed at your male friends and colleagues by forces bigger than you. Forces which you don’t control. So, how can you possibly do anything? You’re just a girl, right?

If any variation of the above rationalization sounds reasonable to you, then you are the problem. You, personally. Do you have a cute smile and big tits? How nice for you. Fuck off and don’t come back. Get out. Stay away.

The female narrative is the dominant narrative in our culture. The female opinion is the only opinion which matters. Female benefit, or threat to females is the most powerful driver of all public policy and social change.

And Lady, if you don’t know this already, then you are too far gone into insanity and lies to be a party to the discussion.

So, once more, what are you doing to put that gun away?

I first asked this question publicly two years ago. I also suggested that if a man provided solutions to be taken up by women then efforts at de-escalation would be no more than posturing, throwaway gestures – non-committal efforts serving only to deflect the question.

If, by the way, you imagine your renunciation of feminism counts for shit – allow me to correct that fucking delusion for you. Women Against Feminism is nothing except another form of competition for male attention. It does nothing to address that gun in your fucking hand.

To my question “What are you doing to put that gun away?” I got, in reply, two years of resounding silence.

So we lower the bar. Here’s what women can do to begin to take the gun off the table and de-escalate the threat of violence they bring to every conversation with a man.

1. Stop requesting and demanding that men marry you. In fact, reject marriage for what it is. It is an institution of culturally supported coercion in benefit of female legal, social, and economic elevation. Denounce it and boycott it.
If you find yourself already in the awkward situation of being married, divorce the man you love. Show him you love him enough to move the barrel of your fucking gun away from his temple – and keep living with him, sleeping with him, and sharing your life with him voluntarily without the implied threat of your government’s enforcers backing up your will.

2. Denounce the commonplace feminine use of the word “creep” to demonize normal masculine sexuality.

3. Pledge yourself as a reliable witness for your male friends, in defense against their casual destruction via false accusations. Even if just through whisper campaigns.

4. If you’re single, write out a standardized statement of your intention to have sex. Carry copies of this statement in your purse and, when you find yourself a prospective fuck buddy, write in the date and the man’s name you mean to sleep with. Give such men a copy of your assurance that you will not later revoke your consent, destroying their lives with a charge of rape. And make this a normal thing.

5. Do not move in with a male friend, room-mate, or lover without a room-mate’s contract. Such contract should include non-violent and non-destructive clauses for the peaceful and mutually non-harmful parting of ways. Make this a normal thing.

6. Abandon victim politics. Acknowledge that threat narratives exist to justify retributive or pre-emptive violence and, instead, approach the world as a capable and truly independent adult.

7. Reject the ignorant and deceptive notion that women are a minority. 51% of the population is a majority. 55% of the electorate is a majority. 65% of college graduates is a majority. 80% of the spenders of disposable income is a majority.

8. Abandon and reject the term “male violence”. It is fraud used to demonize an entire sexual demographic. Violence does not have a gender.

9. Abandon and reject the term “violence against women” as a description of domestic violence. ALL empirical research on domestic violence indicates that it is reciprocal. In the few cases of one-sided abuse, the research indicates primarily female initiation of violence.

10. Abandon and reject the term “he got her pregnant” while you, the woman, are the only sex with legal reproductive self determination.

11. Abandon and reject the narrative wherein women live in fear while, in fact, men are the majority of the victims of violent crime.

These eleven items were conceived and typed out in about five minutes.

Don’t wait to be challenged by somebody looking back down that barrel at you. You, Lady, are neither helpless, nor are you stupid. What else are you capable of doing about that gun in your hand?

You can start putting the gun down by acknowledging that it’s in your hand.
And if you can’t even do that then you can go to hell, Lady.

6 thoughts on “To So-Called Good Women”

  1. Holy shit, has it come this far? Carrying written sexual consent forms?
    But then, if gov’t wants to accept revoked sexual consent, it’s probably the only way.
    I wonder, when is society gonna see how crazy this shit is!?

    1. Yes, Nerobyrne, it has come this far. I’m not in the dating game, but my two sons are. Neither is in a big hurry to attempt to form a relationship with a woman. They feel first of all that the risks are too great, such as this post illustrates. They also don’t see any available women who interest them enough to try.

      I also have a daughter of that age. I know she complains that there aren’t any “good men” so she doesn’t date either, but she has always been hostile toward the male gender.

      I say nothing to either set of kids, for as their father, my role was to provide and abide – in silence. Any infraction only led to domestic strife.

  2. The only one of the 11 points that really apples to me is marriage. I am married but I can not divorce my husband and still live with him. The only reason we can live legally in the same country is by being married legally.. if we get divorced I would have to go home and he would not have the right to live in my home country. So that idea does not work for me. But well by your standards I am not the Good Woman because I am a traditionalist.

  3. For a so-called NAWALT to truly qualify as one in the eyes of MGTOWs, she must understand and accept why MGTOWs reject marriage even to them, otherwise she’s not a true NAWALT.

  4. I think most men would be totally weirded out by a woman carrying sexual consent forms. They would think the woman was crazy. Plus if you want to think that way a woman could sign one of these forms and say she was coerced into writing it if she truly wanted to make false accusations. Besides being social suicide it would be entirely pointless.

  5. I do however agree that dating advice aimed at women is usually bad. Women are taught to look for mr perfect who generally does not exist. I also think there is a stigma against women who are emotionally needy.

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