You’re Not a REAL MAN Until You Buy Her Drinks

Are women really this stupid?

According to Lauren Martin, who writes for , women of her 30-whatever generation are functionally retarded. Her article “Women Need To Start Asking Men Out Because Men Have No Balls” appears to be 1200 words of willfully ignorant male targeted shame.

Men aren’t asking women out, men aren’t buying women drinks, or flowers, or shiny rocks. They aren’t going out of their way to please women. This is obviously not news, but of course, Martin knows the reason why. According to her, men are pussies. You, me, the guy from accounting with no GF, but a satisfied demeanor. We’re wimps, apparently. Sissies. There’s no other possible reason. One week after her article’s publication, it was “liked” on Facebook more than a million times. (1,109,753)

This means women in great numbers are agreeing with this Generation-Y columnist. Lauren Martin is telling us that women are profoundly incurious, unaware, and devoid of any self knowledge beyond their own vanity.

Martin accurately points out that men are increasingly averse to entangling themselves with women.

They’ll say a girl is hot, but never hit on her. They’ll text you for a week, but never ask you out. They’ll do absolutely everything but make a move.

Her solution is to shame men by calling them pussies.

Speaking only for myself, I know that when somebody insults me it makes me want to take them somewhere really expensive for dinner.

Martin moans about her lack of suitors for several paragraphs before dropping a stunning revelation on her readers:

This leaves women making all the moves. We must tell them what they want if we’re to get anywhere close to the goals we had for ourselves.

According to Martin, women must tell men what men want, so that women can get what they want from men.

The reason that men aren’t pursuing women is apparently lost on her, as is any possible message to be grasped from that lack of male interest. The term “voting with their feet” is also, apparently, unknown to this writer.

Although willfully ignorant of the causal chain clear in her own article, she does get a few things right.

They’re scared of you.

They’ll never admit it, but you scare the hell out of them.

Men are scared of women. They do admit it, and that fear is rational.

It is tedious to list why men’s caution toward women is wise, but, because Martin’s purposefully obtuse position is shared by millions of her readers, a few examples are apparently necessary.

  • Rape culture-culture This is the popularized public mythology in which male sexuality is predatory and evil.
  • “Male violence” A term in the public lexicon equating maleness with violence, while our media scrambles daily to make excuses for female perpetrated violent crime – including murder.
  • Creep-shaming The commonplace practice of social ostracism of the sexual identities of non-movie-star or non-rock-star men expressing healthy sexual interest in women.
  • Violence Against Women The item of public rhetoric excusing the half of intimate partner violence which is female-perpetrated. Don’t seek help if she hits you, guy, or you’ll go to jail.
  • College sexual assault star chambers One accusation and your education and career is toast. No justice, no evidence, no due process, just a single accusation and you’re done, buddy.

This list could be continued for pages, but is truncated for brevity.

That many men fear women is a profound under-reaction by the male sex. That most women have been utterly indifferent to sixty years of growing male-targeted hatred is no secret to men. Women have finally noticed the despised sex no longer wants to buy them drinks but they’re not complaining about the demonization of men. Women are just angry that their social inferiors are now avoiding them.

If men were rational they wouldn’t just fear you Lauren, they would loath you. But by all means, do keep calling men pussies.

In a truly amazing paragraph, Martin vents her frustration and anger that real human beings in the real world don’t behave like the protagonists of her favourite romance novels.

She names the authors of “the Notebook”, Nicholas Sparks, and a young adult romance novelist, John Greene. I had to look both these authors up because, being male, I don’t read romance novels.

Well, TV lied to you. Men aren’t these masculine displays of strength and perseverance. They aren’t these persistent characters created by Nicholas Sparks and John Green.

That men don’t conform to the ideal of this fantasy genre is a great disappointment to her and over a million of her readers.

Donning her Captain Obvious cape and badge, Martin notes that “They [men] aren’t going to catch your eye and spend all night convincing you why you should be with them.”

The reason, she claims, is that “Men are shy, timid and scared sh*tless of any woman with half a brain.”

Shy and timid aren’t quite true, but we’re constructing a narrative here of woman good, man bad, woman strong, man weak. However, most men are indeed scared of any woman with only half a brain. Self absorbed, dangerous and stupid is not an attractive package. Run fast, boys. Run far.

By contrast, a growing number of men require women to have a complete and fully functioning brain. Many men also require that women take responsibility for their own behavior and emotions. Women, disgruntled that they’re not being appropriately pampered and catered to, and sought after as if they’re royalty, might need to do a bit of growing up. Climb down off your pedestal, take off that tiara and man up, princess. And that’s just to be worth saying hello to.

This isn’t likely to happen any time soon, or in any significant fraction of modern women. Our present society is one in which they practice an ever more baroque culture of their own plausible deniability.

Women are almost universally allergic to taking any responsibility for their own sexual power.

So, in fact, if you want to have dinner with that cute guy, go ahead and grow some balls yourself then ask him out. And when he says no, you can learn to get over it – like a man.

You have a job, right? Can’t you also buy your own drinks?
It appears that Lauren Martin has a drinking problem. The problem is that she cant seem to get any of teh menz to pick up her tab.

And thank you Lauren, for your very kind attention.

9 thoughts on “You’re Not a REAL MAN Until You Buy Her Drinks”

  1. For any women that might read this let me ask you one question.
    If a man wrote an article like this not just about you but about your whole gender would you come running to them?
    If you still can not figure out why men are not dating you then i guess you better go buy a cat now.

  2. Well with the new YmY (yes means yes) standard at Ca Colleges who can blame them.

    Dalrock has been expanding upon this up on his blog.

  3. “Women are almost universally allergic to taking any responsibility for their own sexual power.”

    Yep … just like this …

    “The rapidly rising total poses challenges for the Obama administration as it seeks to lead a national campaign against sexual assault on college campuses. The students whose complaints sparked many of the cases are anxious for federal action, while colleges want to escape a list that puts an unflattering question mark next to their brand name.”

    Here is a comment on how responsible one young lady is regarding.. “rape charges” of her male counterparts.

    Here is a comment in this article:
    5:34 AM CDT [Edited]

    “The UVA case is a joke……a female student vacationing in FL on Spring Break gets drunk and decides to parade around the beach topless. She is filmed using a cell phone camera… a male student also on vacation….as another male grabs her breast. On returning to campus she is mortified that her drunken behavior was caught on film and circulated on campus. Files a sex assault case with UVA for something that happened in FL….off campus….on vacation. Guess what….not much UVA can do about it… she files with the Feds. Totally ridiculous.”

    So, there you have responsible women acting responsible with accusations of “sexual assault” (aka rape) or should I say “sexual discrimination”.

  4. There is this “Rape Culture” that everyone is talking about where predators often in the guise of wooing women with free drinks, slip her some roofies and take advantage of her, so to combat this evil “Rape Culture” men need to stop chasing women so they can feel safe and if it means that women will have to miss out on some free drinks and dinners, it will be worth it if rape is reduced even by just 1%, it’s a small price that we will just have to bare.

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