Subverting MGTOW

I have argued in the past that Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is the most significant element of the Men’s Rights Movement.

It is now obvious that this is an understatement. It is not just the most significant, it is currently the only non-violent and practical path of male self-actualization within our culture.

Terms like “marriage strike,” “failure to launch,” and “Peter Pan Syndrome,” reveal rising public awareness of men leaving the path of Protect, Provide, and Die (PPD). “Marriage strike” comes the closest to describing the current trend, but fails in its scope of understanding. It’s not a strike. Strikes exist as a temporary stage of negotiation.

Men refusing to marry is big news. It’s the compliant, reliable and long-disposable dog’s-bodies of empire, refusing their exploitation. It is the quiet slave revolt.

And the slaves, revolting as the “blue pill” world finds them, are forging a new path for self-identity in the 21st century. We revolting fellows call ourselves MGTOW: Men, going our own way.

For many MGTOW men, rejection of coercive institutions (including marriage) is about reclaiming control over our own lives. As important as this motivation is, the revolution of male identity is dwarfed by the wider cultural impact of MGTOW.

Our present culture runs on the appropriated income, coerced labor, and the corpses of “good” men. It runs on the stolen blood and the appropriated money of married men. Marriage, in every Western nation, is a set of laws primarily advantaging women at the expense of men. By laws, of course, what we mean are opinions with loaded guns backing them up.

A married man is one who has agreed with the laws which provide for the appropriation of his income and enforced separation from his children at a woman’s command. If he can’t continue to finance a woman who has used the family court to discard him, he will enjoy a stay in his government’s jails.

But what if a man practicing MGTOW finds a woman who understands the issues of the movement, who loves him, and even supports his views on MGTOW? If he were to a marry her, even if she never pulls the trigger, he has agreed to load the gun, put it into her hand, and point it at his own head. A marrying man is no longer MGTOW.

Some MRAs, affecting a philosophical approach, say “men going their own way” can be whatever a self-describing MGTOW man chooses. They say MGTOW can include the coercive owner-slave relationship between a man, his wife, and the armed employees of his government.

As long as he chooses it himself, marriage is indeed “his own way.” Thus, married men can be MGTOW too. And a man can also call himself “free” who puts the handcuffs on his own wrists and walks into the jailhouse of his own free will.

Does anyone else think this sounds like reality-denying rationalization?

MGTOW is dangerous and corrosive to current social reality.

This danger is recognized by those who try to maintain the mainstream social narrative. Demeaning the MGTOW phenomenon with terms like Peter Pan Syndrome is understandable and expected.

Much more shocking and disappointing are the voices who formerly advocated for men who also now insist that marriage and MGTOW are compatible.

According to them, the Men Going Their Own Way who insist on an exclusion of marriage from the movement are Luddites lacking vision.

This, I submit, is how a movement is subverted and rendered impotent.

Men not even identifying as MRA or MGTOW have made our culture’s narrators coin terms like “Peter Pan Syndrome” and “failure to launch.” Attempts to shame men back onto the treadmill are a clear signal of the power of self-selected male identity in our culture. Until now, our society has relied on the willing sacrifice of male bodies for the benefit of higher caste members of society.

Those who refuse to marry are the disposable refusing to be disposable any longer.

But some within the Men’s Rights Movement are repeating the claim that MGTOW and marriage are compatible. This is how MGTOW can be neutralized as a path for the self-determinacy of men, in a culture running, until now, on their corpses.

Well, not so much “theirs.” Actually, your corpses: your stolen income and your blood.

There may have been a point a decade ago where we could argue that MGTOW and marriage were compatible – so long as you find the “right” girl or live within the “right” nation. Many early MGTOW thinkers thought so.

Time and experience has revealed the error in that approach. Until marriage laws and customs are rewritten, from top to bottom, MGTOW and marriage will never be compatible. Those in the MRM who dispute this are either delusional, or they are straight-up lying.

11 thoughts on “Subverting MGTOW”

  1. It’s not just marriage that can destroy a man’s life anymore. Women can destroy you at work, school, home and play.

    “yes means yes” is just a clever way for women to (a) destroy a man’s life if she’s rejected, (b) destroy a man’s life if she does something she later regrets, (c) destroy a man’s life to escape the consequences of cheating (d) destroy a man’s life to escape irresponsible behavior and the biggest reason of all is (e) open the flood gates for civil lawsuits against men falsely accused of rape. Read some of the reasoning on the feminist websites as to why they think “yes means yes” is a good thing for women. You’ll read things like: It’s good because it causes great fear in men. It’s ok that some innocent men get destroyed as long as no guilty men get away. It’s a terrible law, but if that’s what’s necessary to make women feel safe, so be it. Men need to be darn sure that when they sleep with a woman, they’re doing it for the right reasons.

    This is totalitarianism folks. Feminist are pushing to have this law go nationwide and up into the criminal justice system. Feminism has never been about equality. It has always been about power and control. Google ‘woman charged false rape’ and read some of the reasoning women give for filing false rape claims. It’s a great wake up call for those unacquainted with female psychology. While you’re there, Google ‘woman charged sex boy’ and read some of those stories as well. Google ‘woman charged abuse’ and read, read, read.

    False DV, false rape and false sexual harassment are all fueled by deeply flawed wage, rape and harassment statistics. Read for an understanding of the false rape stats. Everyone knows the stats are entirely false, so why do those in power still use them to justify misandric laws and policies? Because the cowardly white knights will do anything to appease women, to eliminate their competition and to keep their own jobs/get re-elected. It also gives women incredible power over men.

  2. Good post.

    I have had this very conversation at a couple of blog spots.

    One female blogger polled / surveyed 40+ men on MGTOW. Over 60% self-indentified MGTOW were married.

    I told her and them they’re kidding themselves. Her screen / poster name is Tarnished. Her site is something like tarnished sophia at wordpress.

    Though it has become apparent that we (MGTOW) as individuals have been successful without a central command .. A concerted effort is underway to subvert our efforts (re: MGTOW). Another such effort is to attach the face of our “movement” with the undesireables / video gamer / living in parents basement whining and crying why they can’t get a woman / etc. Laughter and walking away prove my points loud and clear. Though it doesn’t hurt at 45 years of age I command 175k a year salary either.

    Love your efforts, keep up the good work.

    1. Tarnished is harmless. It’s research from a non-threatening side. Tarnished is not a threat. Feel free to engage that crowd. You have zero to fear from them. Good people over there.

      MGTOW is a definitive threat to all that oppose them. There’s just one problem. How do you oppose a ghost? How does one approach a spirit. Without a hierarchy to attack, how might one take down the organization? MGTOW are under no such risk. The beauty of MGTOW is that we’re completely invisible to our enemies. Ya gotta love that. At no point in the future will MGTOW, as a thought process, come under attack. Why? That’s what makes MGTOW that damn special. Whom do you attack? My favorite MGTOW are Sandman and Spetsnaz, but do they represent all of MGTOW? Nope. I you delete the two, what happens to MGTOW? They carry on.

      MGTOW is a mindset, not a movement. That you and I communicate and share the same thinking is indicative of my point. Gotta love that, right? What happens if I go away? Another MGTOW will take my place. MGTOW are legion, yet untouchable. Ya gotta love that.

      The MGTOW crowd all recognize this paradigm. Why? Cause that’s just how cool MGTOW are.

  3. I don’t blame those married guys wanting to claim that they’re MGTOWs. Who doesn’t want to believe they retain a modicum of control even if married?

    But in my opinion if you’re married and call yourself an MGTOW…I think that you need to finish up taking the red pill.

    Or perhaps, If you can be married and an MGTOW then MGTOW doesn’t mean anything.

    ‘Pending MGTOW’ (pending on divorce)
    ‘Aspiring MGTOW’

    I would say that I love C.O.C.K. but in reality I only ‘love’ my own one 😉

  4. There is a simple solution to this crisis which drives you to terror: Hire a professional if you can’t stay away from women, and don’t ever let one move in with you. Keep non-pro women in the Friend Zone and don’t date.

  5. I discovered MGTOW too late to prevent me from making a bad marriage, but I agree that no MGTOW is a married man.

    Marriage is all about taking from men, especially the right to make his own decisions. All such decision are subject to wifely veto. No true MGTOW would allow this in his life, and no married man can prevent it.

    So even though I’m on the wrong side of the line, I live to see that today’s young men don’t make the mistakes I did due to complete ignorance as to the true nature of marriage.

  6. Spawny Get ..

    I like “Aspiring MGTOW” .. I just hope their wives don’t find out they joined an outlaw internet gang 😉 lol

  7. GP ..

    I agree Tarnished is harmless. It was interesting because that is the first time I have seen a poll of MGTOW and married men claiming to be.

    And you are right .. you gotta love MGTOW .. we are like a Nebula space cloud. You can see us at a distance (macro) but you still can’t control it (micro).

    Most groups that would want to control us think in static ways. But just like tax laws .. we act dynamically. We will find the cracks in those laws to flow thru. And juat like the quote in star wars. The more they squeeze the more that will slip thru there fingers.

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