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Escaping from Slave-Mind

There is apparently an epidemic of rape on the college campuses of America. President Obama recently released a public service announcement. Aiming his message at the young men of America, he said it’s on them to take personal responsibility for the safety of every female whose path they cross. If you’re male, this means you. Somebody somewhere might regret their drunken hook up. Hell, somebody might even be physically overpowered and forcibly raped. It’s all on you. It’s your problem to solve.

If you don’t accept this, then you’re not a real man. That’s the bargain.

Good men don’t let women get raped.”

That’s the word from ever cheerful Jessica Valenti. One more collaborator in the latest political campaign to instruct men what they must do and think, to be granted manhood. Who else is in on this act? Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden said the administration would be unrelenting “to make it clear that it is cowardly not to step up.”

There is an absolute obligation, a moral obligation, to step up and intervene and say something” Biden said.

That’s right boys, if you don’t jump onto this propaganda campaign, you’re a coward. According, at least to a politician, and some other actors and celebrities.

Except that, The Rape ‘Epidemic’ Doesn’t Actually Exist.

In fact, the fake campus-rape epidemic, the phoney rape culture-culture, endlessly propaganized by so-called journalists isn’t even fooling the hardest of hard core campus feminists.

We keep being told that 1 in 6 college women will be sexually assaulted or raped during their time on campus. Not only are there not the thousands of rapes per year, per campus that this alarming stat would indicate: Young women continue going into this supposed rape-zone every year. They go funded by their parents, or incurring massive debt. And they do this for the dubious benefit of an education in rape-land of the rape-aound-every-corner college and university world.

Women are presently 65% of college and university students. If they’re all at 1 in 6 risk of life devastating sexual victimization, why are they incurring crippling debt to pay for such dire hazard?

Could it be that the peer reviewed research is right, and the propagandists are lying? Maybe there is no such thing as campus rape culture?

Not even women, and not even feminists believe the lie. This is evident by the continued attendance at universities and colleges of a student population of 65% women.

But you, dude, are a coward if you don’t agree that the emperor’s new clothes are just the shiniest high fashion you’ve ever seen.

Step up, and speak up against this phantom rape epidemic, or you’re not a real man.

What nobody seems to be saying is that there was never a positive definition of masculinity which included obedience to a transparently idiotic lie. Not even a popular lie. “Real men will dutifully conform to fraudulent authoritarian propaganda.” That just never really featured in my understanding of manhood, or adulthood, or courage. Even when I was boy, absorbing commonplace ideas about what a man was, agreeing with a lie for the sake of conformity was recognizable as cowardice.

The propaganda, nakedly false as it is, does still have a chance of working, even now. If you play along, you’ll be rewarded with a conferred identity. You’ll be a good man. You’ll be a real man, your social superiors will not say that you’re a coward.

Men’s identities are, of course supplied to them by the consensus of those around them. Female approval is one of the most powerful factors in deciding whether you, as a man, are a “real man”.

Tribally supplied identity is how men who would otherwise follow their own moral compass are controlled. Rather than rejecting obvious falsehood, they are kept in the state of slave mind. That’s what a good man is. He’s a man whose identity is supplied to him, based on his obedience.

And maybe you still give a crap about those people you sometimes see walking around with boobs and vaginas. You might be MGTOW, but you’re not a sociopath. But how stupid do you have to be to think they’re served by your maintenance of a lie neither you nor they believe.

Conformists and the authoritarians will tell you how brave you are to put your ass on the line to prop up pathetic propaganda. But it’s all a lie, you know it, and they know it. And while it might be pragmatic to conform, to bow your head, to shut the hell up and go along with public propaganda – nobody is under any real delusion that selling yourself for falsehood is brave.

But if you’re still taking your identity from the approval of others it’s pragmatic. If you’re sense of what kind of man you are, and what’s right, and what’s true is based on consensus and conformity.

So, how big do you balls have to be, to reject a popular lie. How hard is it to reject the conferral of your good-boy status. How difficult is it to reject slave mind, and not conform, but define your own identity.

I will not attempt to shame anyone into agreement with me. Contemplating who is or isn’t a real man, any provided definition of a “real man”, or “good man” is just another tool of coercion.

And how hard is it to break free of conferred manhood. How difficult is it to discard tribally supplied identity, or to step over the mental prison of slave mind?

Once you recognize it. It’s easier than you think.


That’s not a threat. Its not a tactic to shame you, That’s not a condemnation. It’s not even a challenge with a penalty clause if you fail. It is an invitation.

Brother, step out of the mental prison of slave mind.
That is my invitation to you.

7 thoughts on “Escaping from Slave-Mind”

  1. “Brother, step out of the mental prison of slave mind.
    That is my invitation to you.”

    And, there you have the essence of how to offer the red-pill to a blue-pill brother.

    MGTOW for the win. And, if you must obtain a college degree .. do it on-line.

    More great College / Life advice:
    1) In fact the best advice I can give any man entering the workforce is learn a trade and get an AS from a community college at the same time. Then have your future employer pay for your BA and or BS while working full-time.
    2) Put $2,000.00 a year into an IRA. Do this for 6 years. You will retire with double the money at 65 years old than a man who waits 6 years to start this and spends $2,000.00 a year for the rest of his career (aka 65). This is a huge load off your plate for later in life when you know you can retire care-free.

  2. When I read this, “What nobody seems to be saying is that there was never a positive definition of masculinity which included obedience to a transparently idiotic lie.” This [] popped into my head. Men have been sold lies like this for millenia.

  3. “Men” don’t like women enough to want to marry them, yet any effort to limit the involuntary sex session indicates an interruption of male privilege?

    Some boys need to grow up.

    1. Rather revealing that you begin by putting the word “men” in quotes. Next, what’s the connection between liking women and wanting to marry them. This seems like a non-sequiter to me. Why would liking anybody lead to marrying them? The next thing you say is just plain stupid.

      “yet any effort to limit the involuntary sex session indicates an interruption of male privilege?”

      Involuntary sex is rape. That’s a crime, you idiot. Its not now, nor ever was a “male privilege”.

      Finally, you close by borrowing item 4 from the shaming tactics catalog.

      “Charge of Puerility: The target is accused of being immature and/or irresponsible in some manner that reflects badly on his status as an adult male.”

      This is your fail. Shaming tactics? really? did you get confused and think it was 1989 still?

  4. Editor’s Note: This user, commenting as “sonface” has the same IP address as the user who commented as “homer”. (It’s the same person, using another id) They were not blocked or banned – so the switching of accounts is a simpleminded attempt to distance themselves from the stupidity previously pointed out in their earlier posting.


    sonface/homer’s comment begins below this line

    One goes to college to become educated, not to party and be an irresponsible DNA distributor to the involuntary.

    No wonder the world laughs at the “entitled” American male. ISIL issued you a challenge, Studly! Are you man enough to go mano a mano with those cutthroats? I doubt your Call to Duty experience will prove to be very helpful.

    1. Sorry, sonface/homer – people go to college for a variety of reasons, not the one singular reason you’ve decreed.

      Also, your characterization of male students : ” irresponsible DNA distributor to the involuntary.” is beyond stupid.
      Typically, college hook-ups are not attempts to reproduce. In cases where pregnancies do occur, it is the females who have reproductive rights, not the male students. You’re also repeating your rhetoric about “involuntary” sexual encounters, which is to say, rape. That’s a crime, and you’re still an idiot.

      Also, pick a single identity to comment from, don’t switch identities. That deceptive practice of yours wont be indulged
      on this site.

  5. Jail-Time for internet “trolls” ..

    And this article today ..

    The Feminist know they don’t control the internet and that is how we’re getting our word out to the masses. So it must be be dealt with immediately with an army of poster bots and with laws / mandates to silence the opposition. Their world is a world without anti-feminist dissent.

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