MGTOW Right Now

The internet has recently hosted a lot of argument about what MGTOW is, and what it is not. In this debate some have focused on historic definitions of the phenomenon, condemning the character of others who assert their own opinions in denial that those uncoordinated opinions are the majority consensus.

As of late 2014, the argument shows no sign of abating so, in the interest of clarity, I’ll revisit the topic of what MGTOW is and is not, in my own opinion.

The present social reality in our society is that women have value, simply by existing. They need do nothing else. Men, by contrast, do not have an automatic human value. For men, positive identity must be earned. Continue reading MGTOW Right Now

MGTOW and Political Identity Thievery

Marriage is sometimes called the fundamental building block of civilization. That might be arrogating it to a position higher than it merits. It is the legal and social construct people use to establish their families, for at least the past few hundred years. Despite a growing number of people born outside of this framework, marriage is how our culture handles the family.
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Don’t win the game. Own the league.

Allow me to drop a big, red knowledge-bomb on your head. There is more to a football game than the teams on the field. One does not have to live by the idea of building a team and battling it out with the competition, learning along the way, and striving for a place on top. Think outside the box. There is a group of people who profit no matter who wins any game, and they’ve never had to battle, play, or risk personal injury.

The point I am getting at is this: Fuck the Men’s Rights Movement.
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