Don’t win the game. Own the league.

Allow me to drop a big, red knowledge-bomb on your head. There is more to a football game than the teams on the field. One does not have to live by the idea of building a team and battling it out with the competition, learning along the way, and striving for a place on top. Think outside the box. There is a group of people who profit no matter who wins any game, and they’ve never had to battle, play, or risk personal injury.

The point I am getting at is this: Fuck the Men’s Rights Movement.

Seriously. Fuck it right in its gritty little corn hole.

I have no time to help build a small army of slaves to collectively beg the masters for better working and living conditions. My time and energy can be better spent stepping away from a fucked up paradigm, associating with other intelligent men, and working toward creating my own ideal existence. Not that the MRM is entirely useless, in fact I love associating with the MRM because it is filled with who? Men. (You know, that small subset of humanity that is responsible for creating almost everything that has ever been created.) If you get enough of these guys together and encourage the open exchange of ideas, the sky is the limit as to the amount of knowledge and ingenuity available for creating a whole new existence for each individual without anybody ever having to beg for anything.

For those of you who are hell bent on changing the system, don’t fight “the man,” be “the man.” If you are looking to affect real, lasting change look to the individuals who created and own this power structure. How much protesting did the Rockefeller family do to reach their level of power and influence, and does anybody remember the million Halliburton march on DC? No. These groups never asked for the paradigm to shift in their favor, they just quietly cheated the game, amassed their knowledge and resources and created their own vision.

The MRM in its current form is the equivalent of a bunch of factory workers creating a union and organizing a strike without ever realizing that, between them, they have the knowledge and resources available to quit their jobs and start their own company.

More of us men need to quietly step away from the status quo, step into MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), search for other knowledgeable and intelligent men to associate with, and use technology to openly share our ideas and plans. We can all forge our own paths and quietly rule our own existences independent yet not alone. All of this is possible without fighting or begging. Leave the poor brainwashed fucks to fight it out over that government subsidized Big Mac while we free thinking men go kill our cow, build our fire and eat steak amongst good company.

As for the semi-incestuous obligatory mention of feminism in a men’s article, the feminist movement merely used performance enhancing drugs and won gold at the special Olympics. I hoped that the MRM would opt not to be so fucking retarded. Let’s stop plotting with the other slaves over how to get more table scraps when we could be walking off the plantation instead.

In closing, my brothers please remember this. Ten million dipshits standing shoulder to shoulder blowing as hard as they can in unison will, at least for a time, change the way the wind blows; while one man on his own can build a home and never feel the wind again.

8 thoughts on “Don’t win the game. Own the league.”

  1. Plus a movement can be corupted and in’fill’tra’ted.

    I recall an old expression .. “If you want something done right .. do it yourself!”

  2. That is a good link / discussion.

    I do believe there is a difference in MGTOW and men just on a marriage strike. And, thusly, some men can be gamed to marry because they are still looking for or believe in a unicorn. So, some are still holding out hope of finding that magic pony. Otherwise, no, they are not (re: one BJ from traditionalism) imho.

    As a 45 year old red-pill “confirmed bachelor” (never wanting marriage man) I see things from a different light.

  3. I’m not into conversing with MRAs fuck that. Especially with AVFM. I never liked AFVM when I first went there in 2012. Bunch of angry people with a cult like following bullshit with Paul. I hope AFVM burns to the ground and it probably will.

  4. MikeK .. I hear ya’.

    I like visiting lavivamanosphere (iirc) and when I click on a link and it starts loading AVFM I close that tab immediately. I then click on th next article I want to read. Quick way around the sphere.

    Paul appears to be releasing a book trying to co’opt the MGTOW into his framing. We shall see how it all shakes out. I hope it ends badly for him since he has nothing but anger toward them for many years.

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