Social Isolation and MGTOW

As men continue leaving gynocentric social norms, a growing number of individuals are trying to brand themselves by wearing the MGTOW label as if it is a cool club jacket. Many such individuals have not done the self discovery and personal growth required. Because of this, they lack understanding and bring ideas into their cool-kid version which are incoherent in the context of MGTOW philosophy.

Every recognizable version of MGTOW rejects marriage as the most symbolic of gynocentric conventions. The philosophical path to MGTOW begins by dumping female-supplied status as an element of male identity.

The conceptual hierarchy of alpha males and beta males is an example of female-conferred masculine identity. Some recent joining-the-cool-club MGTOWs have identified themselves as Alpha-MGTOW. This is a juvenile effort to elevate themselves over other men. It would be no more than comically embarrassing to the proponents of it, except that men newly waking up to MGTOW risk being led right back into a state of self-destructive delusion.

The delusional argument is that men who adopt a MGTOW path while maintaining sexually active lives are either “true” MGTOW, or “apex” MGTOW or alpha MGTOW. In contrast to this, men who have been less sexually active are dubbed beta MGTOW. These men are supposedly no different from involuntary celibates who self identify as “true forced loneliness”.

Some readers may have no direct knowledge of the “true forced loneliness” idea, so a brief exposition is necessary. The label of TFL is taken by a small number of men as a badge of identity. These are men who have experienced female rejection and have internalized the loser identity heaped onto them. But nobody is a loser unless they, themselves, believe in whatever label is assigned to them.

MGTOW and its related path of self discovery would be an excellent and positive path for any TFL guy still buying into the misery and loneliness of that applied label. To make that shift, abandonment of outward sourced identity and pursuit of personal growth is necessary. This change must be self-initiated. I call it the pursuit of personal awesomeness.

The sad Emo boys of the manosphere have to drop their sad Emo act and the TFL identity that goes along with it. If you call yourself a loser, and buy into it, you can expect to have the miserable life you have chosen.

Returning to the concept of either apex, or alpha-MGTOW, this concept is just as problematic and incoherent. Men who claim their supposed success with women makes them a superior version of Men Going Their Own Way show a failure of understanding. They are buying back into the cultural convention of positive male identity supplied by feminine approval. This is the fundamental social philosophy rejected in a MGTOW path to male self actualization. As a commentator on the MGTOW phenomenon, it is for the benefit of men who are stepping away from the shaming tactics and supplied positive identity that these words are written. A man who claims that women’s approval via sexual access makes him an “apex MGTOW” might just be an irredeemable simpleton but I’m going to assume they are salvageable.

To those so-called Alpha-MGTOWs, your journey hasn’t even begun. When you stop equating your value with how women respond to you then you are ready to join the conversation. Until then, you are just another walking target waiting for a woman to grift you.

Author’s Note:
After a test reading of this short rant to friend, she insisted I look up “emo poetry.” I did, and it was awful. I couldn’t find any “True Forced Loneliness” poetry, so I obviously had to write some. It is as bad as any emo poetry you can find for yourself online. Possibly worse. My awful emo/TFL poem:

The Darkness In My Soul

My heart is a bottomless well of despair.
I ladle it into the world as they stare.
A pale mannequin labouring in sorrow.
Sleep a quiet respite till the pain of tomorrow.

A woman turns scornful on seeing my face.
The unattractive have no right in such place.
I embrace solitude as my lot in this life
and sit staring alone every night.

Thank you all for your very kind attention.

8 thoughts on “Social Isolation and MGTOW”

  1. Personally I find Alpha/beta and TFL concepts confusing in the MGTOW construct. I’m not sure Alpha/beta or TFL labels would make one a MGTOW-since anyone adopting those labels is, logically, still dealing in labels/roles imposed FROM and based on outside of oneself.

  2. Yep’per .. It’s just plain ole MGTOW. No value added for previous labels supplied by women / th FI.

    Sad, we have a large number of previous MRM now attempting to pass themselves off as MGTOW. And in the process hope to co-opt our movement. But this to will fail. MGTOW don’t require a leader or spokesman. We earned / learned it all ourselves and we have the self determined direction / path to prove it.

    I don’t do meetings and I don’t pay dues. This isn’t a union (ie MRM) with a need for male high’arch’ee. So when Paul of AVFM finally stops parading around as a self appointed mouth-piece .. we will once again go back to a band of silent professionals. And not like the rudderless men who continue to place their worth in society and women.

    Long live the self-determined man .. the MGTOW / MGHOW.

    Glad you decided to rant .. keep it up.

  3. Re whether there is a difference between the “beta MGTOW’s” and those who are “involuntary celibates”: I myself have generally been celibate with a couple of short sexual relationships with women. In a sense that may make me an “involuntary celibate” but there is a choice that I can make. I’ve found that the level of effort required for me to attract a woman sexually not to be worth it. It is too great a price to pay–often involving greatly disrupting my life–for too meager a reward–often only a brief sexual relationship until the woman tires of me. Moreover, even the brief relationship is often not that pleasurable for me physically, because I find that a woman taking control of my life to be a bit of a turn off physically.

    In short the traditional female sexual game has been a game that I can play, and sometimes have in the past, with some success, but I have generally found the rewards to be small in compared to the price. So it is a game I am reluctant play any more.

  4. It doesn’t matter at all what one’s experience or lack thereof is regarding sexual relations with women & treading the path of MGTOW; whether one has made the connection & consequent decision to travel this path is entirely one of enlightenment, & the requisite work involved in handling the new awareness. SMV don’t matter when someone is controlling societally-imprinted desires within one’s self, experience doesn’t matter whether sated or unsated, nor does shaming & the consequences intended in that action by the one doing the shaming. It’s just a light going on, & the inevitable changes & challenges brought about by wisdom must follow. We’re all eternal beginners, & I do hope no one involved in this process feels that there are lines of status & demarcation laid out by others that must be followed. The shame is upon those others..

  5. I was first introduced to the MGTOW movement maybe three months ago on YouTube. I was “blown away” that so many others were experiencing what I was and that a movement of this kind actually existed. I wasn’t surprised to find many factions and opposing ideas (as they exist within all movements and groups) and it didn’t take long to find the “core” of MGTOW philosophy and to be comfortable enough to call it “home.” I’m not concerned nor bothered by what others (MA, MRM, etc…) are doing or saying. I absolutely love what the basis of MGTOW is and the strength that I have received from it. This is a beautifully written article, and I absolutely concur with the author 100%. I love and appreciate women, but only from a distance – nothing physical and nothing emotional – it just isn’t worth the risk.

  6. If you’re interested in what’s probably the roots of TFL, look up the term “Love Shy,” Involuntary Celibates (Incels) and Wizardchan.

    Enjoy the Bawww.

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