Rape Culture-Culture is for You

We’ve been repeatedly told both by name brand feminists, as well as non-feminists practicing modern chivalry that we’re all a part of a “rape culture”. The claim is also that “rape culture” whatever that might be – is a central feature of our society.

But what is rape culture?

It’s the name for a theory that we live in a culture that enables male rapists and shames female victims of rape.

According to conventional thinking, the term was coined by second wave feminists, to describe acceptance of the rape of women. This is a popular but incorrect belief. The term rape culture came from the black civil rights movement of the 1960’s to describe apathy toward the rape of American prison inmates.

The terminology was a powerful encapsulation of the indifference towards the civil rights of inmates within the prison system who were black men. Recognizing the power of that civil rights rhetoric, the women’s movement stole it to describe their claim of apathy towards female rape in civilian society.

And the feminist version of history is now the official version.

And according to them, we are all a part of what they call a rape culture. Susan Brownmiller’s 1975 book “Against our will” defined it as “nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.”

Did you catch that? All women living in a state of fear. Not most women, not some women, all of them. And all men, including you, are responsible for it because of a conscious process on your part.

This version of the feminist definition of rape culture may be the most relevant to our current understanding of the term. Despite the 1975 publication, it is still current because Brownmiller’s contributions to organs like Huffpo, salon and the Washington post still promote the book in her contributor’s byline.

It’s this version of that ideology, which now informs a social and legal climate on American college campuses. This version creates the climate in which an accusation of sexual misconduct made by a female becomes automatic guilt by accusation. Through sublimation of that fantasy into broader cultural assumptions, you don’t even need to be a feminist to bang that drum.

In 2011 The US department of education issued a directive framed as a dear colleague letter. This message to colleges was that if they wanted to keep receiving title IX funding, they’d better handle accusations of sexual misconduct with nonjudicial due-process abrogating star chambers. That directive, followed by others is what now informs official policy on college and university campuses.

We are told that college campuses are where the strongest manifestation of rape culture resides. The same colleges which now feature a 65% female population, as that number grows under female favouring affirmative action. And women continue to enroll, taking on massive debt to do so. But they’re taking on that debt so they can participate in what we keep hearing is a female victimizing rape culture.

Does this sound like a coherent view of reality to any of you?

The published data from the DOJ criminal victimization survey shows that rape is the lowest incidenced violent crime tracked by law enforcement.

Despite that fact we, as a society now operate on the default assumption that rape culture is real . The idea is that rape facilitated by cultural assumptions at the same time that rape is an egregious social and criminal offence. So is rape accepted? Or is it a major offence? It can’t be both.

The fact is, rape culture is a false belief nobody except a moron buys into. but due to social pressure to appease feminine sensitivity the mainstream of our culture continues to pretend it is real. We don’t actually live in a rape culture, but we live in a narrative of rape culture that we have to agree with or face severe censure.

What we actually have is a rape-culture-culture. That is not an accidentally repeated word

This is why for a man on a college campus, his standing as a viable person depends on the good behaviour of each female on campus who knows his name.

The slightest offense, whether real or imagined can result in an accusation of sexual misconduct. A sexual encounter which didn’t fulfill every expectation of the female can produce an accusation of sexual misconduct. A man who avoids a sexual encounter that a woman wanted can also result in an accusation of sexual misconduct against him. A girl who did something stupid, like missing an important exam because she slept in, or forgot to write down the date can also result in an accusation of sexual misconduct. That accusation made against a male student whose name she might have picked from a list of the other students in one of her classes.

In any of these accusations of sexual misconduct, there will be no judicial inquiry focusing on evidence. There will be no due process. There will be no presumption of innocence that underlies the western world’s concept of justice. There will be an accusation. There will be a star chamber staffed by college employees and not legal experts. And there will be the destruction of that male student’s academic life and future career.

This is what we now call a rape culture.

The man named in an accusation is the one who’s going to go through that no due process grinder. He is the one who will have his academic career terminated.

This is the part nobody seems to grasp.

The accusation made against him is an attack. It is an attack made on a student, using the elaborate and nearly unstoppable college administrative system. It is a weapon of destruction which is triggered by a few spoken words. I was raped.

In the current system I was sexually assaulted does not mean “I am a victim, help me”. It now means “I am the executioner, destroy him”. The female idea of “I am a victim”, now has an entirely new meaning. It means, “I am filled with wrath, and the enemy I point to shall be besieged to his doom”.

The accusation is really just an order for execution and that order will be carried out by the a school’s administrative staff.

If you are accused, you are assaulted.

Your privacy will be stripped away. Your reputation as a decent human being will be stolen, discarded, and burned. Your education will be taken from you. Your social connections will be destroyed. You will be isolated, and attacked, and smeared. Your job prospects will be closed off. Your accomplishments will be taken away from you.

And it will never stop. The assault on your person will go on for years, and years.

It is a tyrant saying – there is the enemy, destroy him. That boy, attack him, end his life, foreclose his future.

A woman on a college campus who pronounces herself a victim of sexual assault is not a victim, but in fact a sexual predator. She is the rapist. And she is using the system of the schools gender studies faculties and administration as her tool of rape.

An actual victim would have gone to the police.

A victim of a real crime would use the courts, not the administrative staff of a business whose products are massive debt and academic credentials.

This message is for young men on college campuses you are not at risk of being accused of a crime. Being accused of a crime is what happens when somebody makes a report to the police department, whether truthfully or falsely.

What you are actually at risk of is being sexually assaulted or raped through an elaborate college administrative system. This has almost nothing to with your behavior whether inappropriate or not. You are the target of a system designed to attack you from afar in secret, like a sniper shooting from behind concealment.

It is not my goal to dismantle this administrative machine. It is not my goal to drive reform. It is my goal to inform you that rape culture culture is real, and you are the target.

But you’re not the victim. You’d better not be the victim. If you become the victim, I’m going to blame you.

That’s right, I’m going to blame you for being the victim, and all the social justice warriors in the world – the same ones who cry victim-blaming like its a capital crime, they’re going to blame you too.

An accusation of sexual misconduct on a college campus is not an accusation, it’s an assault. More precisely, a sexual assault on you, using administrative proxy.

And it is a violent assault which will not stop until we stop treating it as an accusation, and begin correctly responding to it as violence.

Thank you for your kind attention, and have a lovely day.

6 thoughts on “Rape Culture-Culture is for You”

  1. Once “yes means yes” is fully understood by young men it will be to late. Just as you have described.

    I recommend a on-line degree for men today. Along with training in a trade.

    Let the women go put themselves into debt. The college will get their money thru government tax-payer bailouts. And once women can no longer service their debt or trick a dumb man into marriage paying for her debt. Then she will divorce rape you. They are already begging for a government bail-out. Guess more amd more men are getting educated .. faster than th wimminz.

    Of course only an educated man will avoid such pit-falls. And that is what you have here .. an educational resource for men (aka COCK).

    Stay single my friends.

  2. nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.”

    Thus the lack of interest on the part of feminists when the facts indicate that a rape might not actually hap happened. Did he rape her? **Of course he did.** All men rape all women all of the time. Actual rape-rapes are mere shadows on the cave wall; mere specific (and philosophically uninteresting) playings out of the more important universal truth. Indeed, actual victims of so-called “real” rapes merely dilute the narrative.

  3. PS: you know the germanwings pilot? His g/f didn’t just dump him: she dumped him once she got pregnant with his kid. He was facing a lifetime of child support and never seeing his son or daughter. That’s the real story.

  4. Excellent post JtO. Thank-you.

    I feel the same process of demonization of Fathers thru Divorce Court preceded the full development of 3rd Wave Rape-Culture Culture (aka RC2) – perhaps it was the V1.0 template.

    Certainly, it has had the same effect. Destruction of the Family unit whereas RC2 has just destroyed enjoyable, human sexual congress.

  5. Oh .. women never lie .. white knights to the rescue .. as usual ..

    Rape for profit ..

    Of course manspread will get arrested ..

    Business as usual at Crime Inc (aka Feminism) .. their’s really no hate .. unless you speak out against Crime Inc .. then of course you are the hater.

    If only the white knights would not enable the gang-s(is)ters (i.e. th wimminz).

    A man can dream .. right?!?!?!?!?!?

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