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Intersectionality Is Not Just Another Word

On December 23rd, Eleanor Robertson made a passionate plea in The GuardianIn defence of intersectionality – one of feminism’s most important tools”. She laments that many feminists revile intersectionality as meaningless and appeals to us to recognize the internal importance of the issue.

I agree. There is much to be learned.
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A So-Called Good Man

As the saying goes, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

This claim is routinely credited to the 18th century Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke, often as an item of motivation towards political reform. For this purpose it is admirably effective. It is also wrong.
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Vigilante Justice Rebranded

There is a growing trend among those who self identify as the tribe of the rational to adopt the slogans of a modern new-speak. This is an Orwellian language, intersecting unrelated terms, and fabricating dictionaries of subtracted meaning.

Among these new rational tribesmen and tribeswomen, or group-thinking lemmings, one banner they’ve adopted is the impossible-to-object-to string of syllables called social justice.

But I do object.
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