MGTOW – With Benefits

This is the beginning of a series addressing questions sent by email to I received an email on February 24, and this is what he had to say:

“Hi John, I am just thinking about something and I would really like to hear your opinion on the subject. Some MGTOWs have occasional sex with women. They have One-Night-Stands or “fuck-buddies” or friends with benefits, whatever you want to call it. For me, One-Night-Stands are boring. I have no moral problem with them, I simply don´t find them fulfilling. (That´s already a warning sign for me!) Now some guys seem to be able to enjoy casual sex with women, or at least they claim that they are able to do that. But I have my doubts if that is really so easy. Of course it could be just me, because that “romantic touch” has always been something that I needed, whenever I had sex with a woman in the past. (Again a warning sign!) I personally am very sceptical if I would be able to have sex with a woman that I find really attractive and charming., without falling into her trap after a while. Now, maybe that´s just me and a sign that I am still suffering from that pussy-addiction.
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Social Isolation and MGTOW

As men continue leaving gynocentric social norms, a growing number of individuals are trying to brand themselves by wearing the MGTOW label as if it is a cool club jacket. Many such individuals have not done the self discovery and personal growth required. Because of this, they lack understanding and bring ideas into their cool-kid version which are incoherent in the context of MGTOW philosophy.

Every recognizable version of MGTOW rejects marriage as the most symbolic of gynocentric conventions. The philosophical path to MGTOW begins by dumping female-supplied status as an element of male identity.
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Them Bitches be Shady

Publisher’s Note:

Rather than welcoming a new contributor at Community Organized Compassion and Kindness, I’d like to welcome back a friend. Natasha Douglas is a writer, videographer and a powerful voice in her own right. After a brief hiatus, she has chosen to use C.O.C.K. as her platform for a few timely observations.


Very early in my time learning about men’s rights issues I came across what turned out to be a common complaint. I have seen this dozens of times since then. It is voiced in different words each time but in its most basic terms men were complaining that Female Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) are given too much recognition for speaking about men’s issues.
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The Problem With Men’s Rights

There are some in the Men’s Rights Movement(MRM) who have insisted on adding an “H” to MRM to remind people that men are human and have human rights. There are just as many who have denounced this strategy as more victim politics, catering to the wrong narrative. While the intentions of the “H” were good, this is a backwards approach to a real problem.
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Breaking Your Addiction to Women

Normally I don’t offer a preface to what I have to say, but today I am identifying the intended audience for the discussion which follows.

Greetings men, gentlemen, pirates, misogynists and other evil-subhumans. Welcome.

You are all addicts. Some of you are recovering, others of you are daily servicing your addiction, with awareness, and others without any awareness. But you, brother of mine – are an addict, just as I am.
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Empowering Women

The female chameleon is a behaviour which most people can recognize when it’s pointed out. But because it preserves a state of deniability in the player – definite identification is a challenging pursuit.

The chameleon wears her point-of-view as a costume. The behaviour is most often seen in celebrities as many public figures use a created persona as part of their marketing and it is widely accepted with minimal criticism. What a Katy Perry or a Beyonce Knowles really thinks is of barely trivial concern. But the beliefs these public personalities portray might change from one marketing move to the next.
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You Own Your Sperm, Man.

In British Columbia, there might be some good news for a man’s legal right to self determination in reproduction. On January 6, 2015 the BC Court of Appeal determined that human sperm is private property. The decision followed a long standing class action suit against the University of BC. Justice Chiasson stated that (frozen) sperm is legal property for the purposes of the province of British Columbia’s Warehouse Receipt Act [WRA].

The suit against UBC alleged that a freezer storing the semen of a number of male cancer patients suffered a power interruption, causing the stored samples to spoil, or to be destroyed. The judgement in this case is that these men owned their own semen and that, in law, it was their property.
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Staring Into the Abyss

“Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.”

This is what Hillary Clinton said in 1998 in El Salvador at a conference on domestic violence. It has resonated among men’s activists for decades. And they have wrestled with the obvious insanity of that statement ever since.
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The Willing Slave

We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us. Did you ever think what those sleepers are that underlie the railroad? Each one is a man…. The rails are laid on them, and they are covered with sand, and the cars run smoothly over them. They are sound sleepers, I assure you. And every few years a new lot is laid down and run over; so that, if some have the pleasure of riding on a rail, others have the misfortune to be ridden upon.

~Henry David Thoreau, 1854

It has been noted before that traditionalism is a driving force behind male slavery. It is a psychological machine that socializes men into resource dispensers and women’s compliant, disposable servants.

But that word “slavery” scares people.

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Men Are Revolting

Mangina, wimp, sissy, pussy beggar, white knight; there are a lot of derogatory words for male feminists. Most advocates for men’s civil rights deal repeatedly with such guys in full attack dog mode.

They will attack non-compliant men, in supposed defence of the women who grant them the identity as “good boys”. These men are given that identity, as long as they do exactly what they’re supposed to do.

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