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Rebranding Your Servitude

It’s no news that men are increasingly abandoning marriage. The mainstream has recognized this as ‘men on strike’ or ‘the marriage strike’. For men themselves, the phenomenon of walking away is not a new idea, but has come sharply into focus with the rise of public discussion. Men now abandoning gynocentric social norms have their own name for themselves, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). Whether we call this a movement or a phenomenon, or just a fad, it is responsive to devaluation of men’s lives. Of course, the MGTOW phenomenon addresses many of the same issues that self declared men’s rights activist address. But the approach each camp takes to male marginalization differs. Rather than attempting to drive social and legal reform through rhetoric, awareness raising or protest, men on a MGTOW path are walking away.
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MGTOW and Political Identity Thievery

Marriage is sometimes called the fundamental building block of civilization. That might be arrogating it to a position higher than it merits. It is the legal and social construct people use to establish their families, for at least the past few hundred years. Despite a growing number of people born outside of this framework, marriage is how our culture handles the family.
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