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The Secret Court of Women

You have been convicted of a serious crime. You are guilty. Your career prospects are gone. Your social standing, whatever it once was, is gone. Your future plans, you desire for a family, that’s all gone too.

You will not be informed of your conviction. You will not be informed of your accusation. You will not know what your crime was. But you’re guilty, and your name has been published on a list of offenders. You wont be told about that list either. Good luck to you.

Forget about the police and courts. Forget about lawyers. Actual laws have nothing to do with your crimes which may be imaginary, or your conviction, which is definitely real. Your judges are vigilantes. They are also invisible to you, but I’m here to help. That girl your taking out for lunch is one of them. Your boss’s admin assistant is one. The girls sitting beside you in your university lecture are vigilantes. Your wife is one of them. The waitress pouring your coffee is your prosecutor. The Human Resources girl at your work is your prison guard. There will be no parole, in fact, there is no such thing.

The preceding statements read like a dystopian, paranoid nightmare.

In an article at NowToronto.com Antonia Zerbisias outlines the vigilante un-personing of an inconvenient man. The convict in this case is you, in case you’ve lost track.

Some people may claim that a man condemned by a semi-secret whispering slander campaign is not a convict. Those people are fools.

A women’s public washroom is a place where a list of “offenders” is scrawled and glued up for others to read and reproduce. Your name, your city of residence, and your employer are all listed alongside your crime. Maybe rape, maybe stalking, maybe assault of a woman. The details of your offence are less important than the fact that it’s some transgression with serious negative stigma attached. Also your name and your employer.

While Zerbisias’s posting at NowToronto.com may be shocking to many readers, the practice of women using anonymous accusation against men is not new at all. What appears to be new is that mainstream media is now promoting such unverifiable and secret criminal accusations. This is a positive practice, apparently. Zerbisias, the author seems to recognize the corrupt nature of her proposition. She even acknowledges the repulsion her readers will feel at her endorsement of vigilantism. Her goal appears to be re-painting indecent practice in attractive colours. Somewhere a woman was hurt, and did not find justice in a court of law. There you go, justification.

But women have always had the social power of control over men’s public images. And they have always used such power. This is rarely admitted in public because it debunks the feminist myth of women’s powerlessness and oppression. To be sure, women have always known of such tactics. Also, even when not using anonymous slander, no women’s movement has ever opposed such vigilante character assassination. Women appear content to keep that weapon, even when not using it.

The publication and attempt at justification of this tradition among women, by a female author at nowtoronto.com serves several purposes. The first is to directly threaten men. Know your place, mind your manners, and recognize who owns your life, boys. Also, NowToronto’s public justification of anonymous criminal accusation is a call for women to network through social media. We should spread the reach, the permanence and the search-ability of the de-personhood of a man. One irresponsible accuser should make a man unemployable in every state, city and province he may live in, for the rest of his life.

If there is not already an online searchable database of back-room, whispered criminal accusations against men there will be one soon. You might once have offended your date by insisting she pay for half the drinks. And, some young eager male feminist with a couple college web programming courses under his belt is sure to step up any day now. There won’t be any payment, but he’ll get an approving pat on his head.

The site nowtoronto.com currently has Alexa rank of 41,320 and a Canadian rank of 934. But it has only 2 comments, both negative. A site in the top 1000 within the country of Canada should have at least dozens of comments per article. The negative character of the current two comments may suggest an attempt at spin by NowToronto’s editors.

“This is a disgusting article and shame on anyone and everyone that applauds this. How the fuck do we know these guys on the list actually raped or sexually assaulted someone?”

Returning to the article’s message to male readers, it is no surprise that so many young and insecure men fall prey to feminist indoctrination. When you’re trained from childhood to recognize female ownership of your identity, college style feminism is not a substantive change. It is only an escalation with added guilt and blame.

But NowToronto’s public message to men, that you will condemned by women you know as they smile to your face may have an effect other than frightened male compliance.

Most young men grown up believing in the natural benevolence and innocence of women. But articles like Zerbisias’ cultivate and fertilize an informed and growing distrust and hostility toward women. As smooth faced, innocent and pleasant as women may each seem, the ugly truth is increasingly visible.

Women are spiritually superior to men. That’s the idea we are all, as boys and girls, and men and women, raised to believe. But it’s crap. The concept of spiritual superiority, or innate goodness denies the humanity of women. It makes them instead into imaginary mystical creatures. In reality, food goes in one end, and faeces come of the other. And just like every man and animate animal slab of meat with a mouth and a but-hole, women are scumbags, with a socially provided excuse that male scumbags lack.

If we train people to see themselves superior, spiritual and sublime, they will practice their violent and antisocial behaviours with a satisfied smile. But, at least they’re talking about it openly. And intelligent men can begin to see past the illusions, and protect themselves from the secret government of their female friends.

Stephanie Guthrie is Great.

Vigilante Justice is Good, Apparently.

Gregory Allan Elliot must die.

Elliot is the Toronto man who in 2012 answered an ad for volunteers to produce art work and posters for the group; Women in Toronto Politics. The group founded by Stephanie Guthrie. Elliot volunteered to produce those posters for her. But the volunteer found himself in disagreement with Guthrie over her alleged plan to slander and blacklisted a software developer over her offence at satirical video game.

The game in question featured an image of feminist Anita Sarkesian, and included punching the face of Sarkesian’s digital image. Guthrie took to the internet, tweeting potential employers in Sault Ste. Marie, and contacted a local newspaper about the offending video game developer.

Mr Elliot disagreed with the planned harassment of a young game developer, and argued with Guthrie over the ethicacy of her plan via twitter. That argument extended to an ongoing disagreement over her politics lasting more than a year. Guthrie charged Mr Elliot him with criminal harassment. It’s the first case of it’s kind in Canada.

During Mr Elliot’s trial, Guthrie was asked about vigilante violence against another man, Hunter Moore. Moore had created a revenge porn website, which while not illegal, crossed boundaries of good taste and positive ethics.

In the example of Mr Moore, Guthrie was asked by lawyer Chris Murphy if she supported actions putting Mr Moore in physical danger.

“In this specific situation…in light of the actions he [Moore] took and in light the law’s inability [to deal with it], yes … depending on the case, yes.”

Murphy later questioned Guthrie about her vigilante actions against game developer Bendilin Spurr.

“I put it to you that you wanted to ruin Bendilin Spurr’s life?” he asked.
Ms. Guthrie replied “I was simply making people aware”.

Mr. Murphy asked, if those she made aware took action that ruined Mr. Spurr’s life?
“I would not feel sorry about that.” Ms. Guthrie said. “It would be because” he had brought it on himself.

It would obviously not be because she campaigned to vilify him. Gregory Allan Elliot’s lawyer asked Guthrie if the end result was ruin, “that’s okay with you, yes or no?”

“Yes,” Ms. Guthrie said, untroubled by the admission.

Gregory Alan Elliott had been a supporter of Stephanie Guthrie. Mr Elliot ran afoul of the political activist when he objected to her plan to conspire against the video game developer. Elliot characterized Guthrie’s intentions as “every bit as vicious as the face-punch game”.

As a personal observation from me, this appears a rather mild critique. A face-punch video game featuring a person’s image is far less harmful than an organized campaign to ruin a person’s employment prospects and life.

In March 2014, Judge Brent Knazan halted Elliot’s trial after receipt of a letter alleging a criminal conspiracy by Guthrie and two others.


Knazan announced on March 20 that the content of the letter left “police and Crown counsel no option but to investigate,” and adjourned the case.

At the time of this commentary, Gregory Allan Elliot’s trial for allegedly harassing Stephanie Guthrie is over. A decision is expected on October 6th.

For many people, the summary provided above will be nothing new. Canada’s national post has covered the story extensively, and critically of Guthrie’s conduct.

In fact, many people have wondered why a political activist’s claim that disagreement with her would be entertained by the Canadian courts. A political activist’s pursuit of vigilante justice, and claimed victimhood appears a perversion of justice. That the case was not thrown out as a frivolous nuisance lawsuit remains a source of amazement. I know I will be accused of naiveté.

Court documents state: “Ms. Guthrie confirmed that, as far as she was aware, Mr. Elliott never sent her a tweet that was libellous, threatening, or sexual in nature.”

But waiting for the decision of Judge Brent Knazan, many followers of the precedent setting trial believe that of course Mr Elliot will be exonerated.

This is a possibility, certainly. But, given that at no was this case thrown out based on it’s seeming frivolity Mr Elliot might be on his way to jail. Dissagreeing with a feminist in her hot pursuit of mob justice against a face-punch video game developer might now be defined in law as criminal harassment. But the decision of the Canadian court, waiting for the pronouncement of Judge Knazan doesn’t matter. Public, verbal or written opposition to social justice vigilantism is now effectively a criminal act. The possible ratification by the court is a formality. Stephanie Guthrie already has her justice, because Gregory Allan Elliot’s career is finished. He was fired from his job and publicly defamed long before stepping into a Canadian criminal court. Elliot is not a responsible adult opposing social justice vigilantes, no. He’s the criminal harasser of a “truly great young woman”. Those words being the characterization of Guthrie by Christie Blatchford, one of her critics writing for Canada’s National Post.

Mr Elliot must go to jail.
Miss Guthrie must not be inconvenienced with charges of criminal conspiracy, fraud, public mischief or criminal contempt. She is an experienced and accomplished political activist, and a feminist. She is female, and therefore the victim.

Why, in Canada do we even bother ourselves to pursue resolution of grievances by the costly and tedious criminal courts?
Social Justice is clearly faster, more efficient, and it is what people want.

That’s the article. What follows below is unimportant personal rambling.

Years ago, commenting on mainstream feminism’s opposition to due process, I made the following speculation. I guessed that that the public would come to regard the courts as incapable of redressing criminal grievance. I also guessed that removal of Habeas Corpus would drive people towards ad-hoc solutions to personal grievance. I guessed people, being adaptable would abandon law and would seek extra-legal alternatives. I though those solutions would include violent vendetta.

Vigilante violence appeared a probable outcome of removing due process and presumptive innocence from the western practice of law.

Although I predicted vigilante justice as an emerging social norm, I got it almost completely backwards.

I did not guess that the social justice ethic in centres of higher learning would be the active source of vigilante practice. Rather, I guessed it would be an exhausted public who lost faith in rule of law and sought their various cave-man alternatives. Silly me.

It is now clear in Canada that whether the courts have been perverted so that that opposing vigilantism will land you in jail is not even a relevant question. The non-feminist public doesn’t need to lose faith in the rule of law. Non social-justice-warriors and will have no opportunity to adopt extra-legal alternatives for dispute resolution.

The feminist and social justice mainstream has already done it, not reactively, but proactively. The vigilante, social justice of the mob is already normal. And Stephanie Guthrie is a truly great young woman.

Acquit yourself accordingly.

Vigilante Killing Saves Canadian Economy

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